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This blog focuses on the question, “Does Pizza Hut take EBT as a payment in 2022?” Like other restaurants, Pizza Hut accepts different forms of payment. This includes cash, credit card, and gift and voucher cards. In this post, Hanfincal also talked about food stamps and who can use this CalFresh program at Pizza Hut.

1. Does Pizza Hut take EBT cards?

does pizza hut take ebt

Does Pizza Hut take EBT cards?

Yes, Pizza Hut accepts EBT at select locations in California through the state’s CalFresh Restaurant Meals Program (RMP), but not in other states. In other words, with CalFresh RMP, you can eat at participating restaurants by paying with your CalFresh EBT card. This program allows SNAP recipients who are 60 or older, disabled, or homeless to purchase meals from an approved list of restaurants. Eligible SNAP (food program for low-income families) recipients can use an EBT card to buy hot food from the regular menu at Pizza Hut locations that accept EBT.

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2. Who qualifies for CalFresh Restaurant Meals Program (RMP)?

Once you find the correct answer to this question: Does Pizza Hut accept EBT, let’s go with who qualifies for Calfresh Restaurant Meals Program (RMP). Calfresh is another name for the SNAP or Food Stamps program in California.

People who are eligible for the RMP include those who receive CalFresh Food benefits and are:

  • An individual who is homeless.
  • A disabled person.
  • An adult aged 60 or older.
  • The spouse of an individual in one of the above categories.

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Does Pizza Hut take EBT as a payment in 2022? Yes, but EBT cards are accepted through Calfresh RMP. The RMP can help you by offering you a discount on your meal bill. You can earn this discount by showing your EBT card at participating Pizza Hut restaurants. The program works great, especially if you plan to order off the menu. Hanfincal hopes you find the valuable information we bring to you in that post.

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