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Domino’s is well-known as one of the largest pizza delivery companies in the US. It offers a wide range of tasty pizza products like deep-dish, thin-crust pizzas, etc. Many customers are wondering, “Does Dominos Take EBT/Food Stamps?”. In this post, Hanfincal will help you answer the question and share some information about how to use EBT cards at Domino’s and whether this restaurant takes SNAP benefits as an online payment or not.

1. Does Dominos Take EBT/Food Stamps?

“Does Domino’s accept EBT?”, “Does Dominos accept EBT?” Yes, Dominos is one of the famous fast food restaurants that accept EBT. But a few Domino’s restaurants accept food stamps in selected states such as Arizona and California. If you live in a state taking part in the RMP (Restaurant Meals Program) and qualify for the program, you can pay for food using SNAP (food program for low-income families) benefits at Domino’s.

Not many states extend SNAP via the RMP to allow disadvantaged groups to eat. Only six states, such as Rhode Island, Illinois, Michigan, Maryland, California, and Arizona are under the RMP. That means you can’t pay for prepared, hot pizza with your food stamps at most Domino’s places.

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2. Does Domino’s Accept EBT Cards As Online Payment?

The answer is no. Domino’s restaurants only receive EBT cards in selected regions for in-store purchases because they don’t join the USDA’s pilot program, which allows SNAP users to purchase online items. In general, many meal delivery applications don’t take food stamps. Therefore, Domino’s restaurants can’t accept SNAP benefits for meal delivery.

If you want to order Domino’s pizza delivery, you must use another alternative payment method. Some payment methods are accepted in Domino like debit card, PayPal, Domino’s gift card, cash on delivery, Google Pay, Apple Pay, money on your Reliacard, and debit card.

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3. How to Use an EBT Card Or SNAP at Domino’s?

After answering the question “Does Dominos take food stamps?”, you need to know how to use EBT cards. If you qualify for food stamps, state agencies will open an account under your name where SNAP benefits are loaded each month. An EBT card (Electronic Benefits Transfer) is a debit card used by SNAP to distribute government aid to qualifying recipients. Therefore, EBT cards work like debit cards.

You need to find the RMP-qualified region to use EBT cards at Domino’s restaurants. Before paying for food with SNAP benefits, you need to ask the employees to avoid the embarrassment of returning cards. Moreover, you may see door or window signs showing that SNAP users are welcome.

If you don’t know how to use EBT cards, you can follow the instruction below:

  • Step 1: Go into the restaurant and grab your pizza.
  • Step 2: Head to the card register desk and swipe your EBT card.
  • Step 3: Enter your secret PIN to authorize your purchase.

Before going shopping, you need to check your balance. You can find nearby Quest ATMs that dispense $10 or contact your local EBT agency to inquire.

Does Dominos Take EBT

How to Use an EBT Card Or SNAP at Domino’s?

4. Why does Dominos accept EBT only in certain states?

Can you use EBT in another state? Domino’s pizza only accepts food stamps in some states because of the RMP and SNAP regulations. Per the general SNAP regulations, EBT users can pay for food items that must be taken and prepared at home. Therefore, you are unable to use food stamps to buy hot prepared food at the point of sale, alcohol, and costly food in some stores such as Whole Foods, Kroger, Publix, Walmart, Safeway, and Aldi. That causes some problems for the elderly, homeless, and disabled who are unable to cook or don’t have kitchen things to cook food at home. To support them, SNAP created the RMP (Restaurant Meals Program) to permit them to purchase prepared food at the restaurants.

However, SNAP depends on each state to decide whether they take part in the RMP. Most states aren’t partners of RMP, which make Domino’s foods ineligible for SNAP purchases in non-RMP states.

Only six states we mentioned above join the RMP; however, Domino’s isn’t qualified to process EBT cards in all of them. Some states like Arizona and California allow selected Domino’s places to receive food stamps. That’s why you will only find several Domino’s regions that accept SNAP benefits in the USA.

Does Dominos Take EBT? Yes, but you only buy pizza at Domino’s restaurant if you live in California or Arizona and qualify for the Restaurant Meals Program. To ensure that your Domino’s location is under the RMP, you need to ask before heading to the restaurant. With the above knowledge, Hanfincal hopes you can save more money and enjoy delicious pizza at an affordable price.

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