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Amazon has been taking over the retail world with its online shopping. But does Amazon take EBT/ Food Stamps in 2022? In this blog, Hanfincal will discuss how EBT on Amazon helps people who qualify for SNAP food stamps. Maybe it’s not as far-fetched as some would believe. Let’s get started.

1. Does Amazon take EBT/ Food Stamps in 2022?

Does Amazon accept EBT? Yes, Amazon accepts SNAP EBT cards/ Food Stamps for purchases of Amazon Grocery and Amazon Fresh to shop for eligible food items. Shipping is frequently free if you meet certain order minimums.

SNAP recipients can use their EBT card to buy groceries online from participating retailers in select states through the SNAP Online Purchasing Pilot program. Amazon is included in this.


2. In which state can you use EBT at Amazon?

Does Amazon take food stamps throughout the United States? Yes, you can use your EBT card at Amazon in all 50 states except for four states Alaska, Hawaii, Louisiana, and Montana. In other words, if you live in one of these four states, you cannot use EBT as a payment method on Amazon.

3. How to use EBT on Amazon?

To kick-off, you must link your SNAP EBT card to your Amazon account. Here’s how to add EBT card to Amazon:

  • Step 1: Sign in to your Amazon account via the mobile app or web browser.
  • Step 2: Go to the top right corner and look for “Account.”
  • Step 3: When you click on this, you’ll see the word “Account” appear again under “My Account.”
  • Step 4: After selecting the account, you will be presented with a menu of options. Choose “Your Payments.”
  • Step 5: At this point, you can add a new card to your account. Then, in the payment input, enter your EBT card information and save the payment information.
does amazon take EBT

How to use EBT on Amazon?

After that, you can begin shopping for groceries on Amazon. Add all the items you want to your cart and proceed to the checkout.

When you reach the checkout stage, you can enter your EBT card PIN to pay for the items that are eligible for coverage.

4. Which Amazon items accept EBT?

The most popular EBT items available on Amazon are listed below:

  • Fresh, frozen, and canned seafood.
  • Dairy products: milk, cheese, yogurt, and butter.
  • Fresh, frozen, and canned beef, pork, poultry, and other meat products.
  • Freezer aisle items: pizza and potatoes.
  • Snacks: nuts, chips, crackers, pretzels, and pretzels.
  • Cookies, candy bars, cake, pie, and other baked goods.
  • Juice and soda.
  • Fresh, frozen, or canned fruits and vegetables.
  • Flour, sugar, oil, and other ingredients for baking.

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5. What Amazon items don’t accept SNAP EBT?

The following items are not eligible for purchase with EBT cards on Amazon:

  • Certain products not available in grocery stores with SNAP benefits are also not being purchased with EBT cards on Amazon.
  • Non-food items: clothing, technology, and home decor.
  • Alcoholic beverages: liquor and spirits.
  • Baby formula or pet food.
  • Household goods: napkins, paper towels, toilet paper, medicine, vitamins, makeup, and personal hygiene products.

Does Amazon take EBT/ Food Stamps in 2022? Yes, Amazon takes EBT cards. Furthermore, if you’ve been following the news, you might have heard that Amazon plans to open new stores that will sell food and other grocery items, similar to Walmart or Target. What you may not have heard, however, is that these stores may accept food stamps! That’s incredible news Hanfincal gives you today.

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