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Dairy Queen is famous for its tasty blizzards, but they also serve various meals such as cheese grill burgers, Turkey BLT, chili cheese dogs, etc. With so many meal options, many customers are wondering, “Does Dairy Queen Take EBT In 2022?” Let’s discover with Hanfincal in the article below.

1. Does Dairy Queen Take EBT/Food Stamps/SNAP?

“Does Dairy Queen accept EBT?” and “Does Dairy Queen take food stamps?” The answer is yes. Dairy Queen is among the grocery stores accept EBT program in the USA, but not in many locations. You can pay for meals with food stamps at Dairy Queen in some states such as Maryland, Illinois, California, Arizona, Rhode Island, and Michigan.

In the beginning, people under the SNAP (Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP – food program for low income families) could buy only food for preparation at home with EBT cards.

However, many of the program beneficiaries are elderly, disabled, and homeless who are unable to prepare food at home or in a remote kitchen. Therefore, several states have extended the SNAP program to allow beneficiaries to purchase prepared and hot meals at designated locations under the RMP (Restaurant Meals Program).

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2. What Can You Buy With An EBT Card At Dairy Queen?

After answering the question “Does Dairy Queen accept food stamps?” you need to know what foods you can buy with EBT. Here is a list of eligible items that you can buy with EBT cards:

  • Cereals and bread.
  • Vegetables and fruits.
  • Fish, meat, and poultry.
  • Dairy products.
  • Other food such as non-alcoholic beverages and snacks.
  • Plants and seeds that you can grow and eat at home.

In addition, food stamps aim to provide households with groceries that they can prepare at home.

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3. What Can’t You Buy With An EBT Card At Dairy Queen?

As we mentioned above, you can use food stamps to buy meals at Dairy Queen. However, there are some restrictions on food items that you can’t purchase with EBT cards. Here are some products covered by SNAP benefits:

  • Tobacco, cigarettes.
  • Wine, beer, and liquor.
  • Medicines, supplements, and vitamins.
  • Live animals, except fish removed from the water, shellfish, and animals were slaughtered before purchasing at the store.
  • Food items are hot at the point of sale.
  • Non-food products consist of paper, pet food, sanity items, cosmetics, and other household supplies.

However, there is an exception to these rules if the store participates in the RMP (Restaurant Meals Program), you can purchase food that has been fully prepared.

4. How To Use Your EBT Card At Dairy Queen?

You can follow these steps to purchase food in Dairy Queen with SNAP benefits:

  • Step 1: Pick food items at the store.
  • Step 2: Swipe or hand EBT cards via the point-of-sale desk.
  • Step 3: Enter your four secret digit PIN.
  • Step 4: Confirm the amount entered by the Dairy Queen Clerk, and press OK.
  • Step 5: Take the printed receipt.
Does Dairy Queen Take EBT

How To Use Your EBT Card At Dairy Queen?

5. How Does Dairy Queen Check My EBT Eligibility?

EBT cards are coded with information regarding which items you can purchase. Can you use my food stamps in another state? If Dairy Queen in your state is under the RMP (Restaurant Meals Program), you can pay for eligible food items with food stamps. Therefore, employees in this store won’t have to check any information to make a decision whether SNAP benefits will work or not, as the payment system will tell them once scanning.

Does Dairy Queen Take EBT In 2022? This fast-food place may take EBT cards if you qualify for the RMP. To qualify for the RMP, you must be homeless, disabled, and elderly, which keeps you from preparing food in your kitchen. However, for most food stamp users, it is possible to purchase groceries with SNAP benefits rather than food preparation. With this knowledge, Hanfincal hopes you can save up your money to invest in another important plan in the future.

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