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Hello! The Hanfincal team is a long-time Big Lots customer and associate. Today, we are writing to let you know that: Does Big Lots take EBT cards at all of their stores nationwide? We hope this helps with your question!

1. Does Big Lots take EBT cards?

Yes, some Big Lots stores accept EBT cards or food stamps in the United States. In other words, SNAP benefits cannot be used at all Big Lots locations.

Can you use EBT in another state?” By visiting the company’s website, you can easily determine whether a specific Big Lots store accepts food stamps across the United States. According to the company’s comments, they are working to meet state guidelines and regulations to roll out EBT in an increasing number of stores.


2. Does Big Lots accept EBT online?

Big Lots has not explicitly stated that it accepts EBT for online purchases made with PayPal or Bitcoin. For in-store purchases, they accept cash, merchandise cards, EBT/SNAP (at select locations), checks, gift cards, Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Big Lots Credit Card, Discover, and Apple Pay.

does big lots take ebt

Does Big Lots accept EBT online?

3. How can I use EBT at Big Lots?

The following steps are the general process for using an EBT card at Big Lots:

  • Step 1: Check your balance to see how much you have available to spend.
  • Step 2: Go to the checkout lane with your groceries. Check that all of the items are EBT-eligible.
  • Step 3: Present your EBT card to the Big Lots employee or swipe it at the POS terminal.
  • Step 4: Type in your four-digit PIN into the keypad. Press the ENTER key.
  • The clerk enters the purchase amount and presses OK/ YES if the purchase amount is correct.
  • Step 5: You will then be given a printed receipt that includes the name and address of the store where you made your shopping, the amount of your purchase, and your new EBT balance.

4. What items can you purchase with EBT at Big Lots?

Aside from the topic: Does Big Lots take food stamps, finding out what you can buy with EBT cards should be the next concern. Big Lots’ eligible foods for SNAP benefits fall into four broad categories:

  • Meat, fish, and poultry.
  • Bread and cereals.
  • Fruits and vegetables.
  • Dairy products.

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What items can you purchase with EBT at Big Lots?

What items can you purchase with EBT at Big Lots?

5. What items can you not purchase using EBT at Big Lots?

Big Lots does not accept EBT for the following items:

  • Beer, liquor, wine, tobacco, and cigarettes.
  • Non-food products: toys, furniture, and mattresses.
  • Food to be eaten in the store.
  • Non-human food products.
  • Vitamins or medicines.
  • Hot foods. (However, you can find fast food restaurants that accept EBT to buy this item.)

6. Will Big Lots accept my EBT from out of state?

If you’re traveling, Big Lots will temporarily accept your EBT card from another state. If you are moving to a new state and intend to stay for an extended time, you must cancel your EBT benefits in your previous state and reapply in your new state.

Does Big Lots take EBT cards? If you don’t know, now you know. You can use your SNAP EBT card at some Big Lots stores. They are currently working on bringing the ability to use EBT cards to as many locations as possible. Hanfincal hopes this post was able to answer your question. Leave your messages in the comment box if you have any.

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