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One in eight Americans struggle with hunger. Food stamps are designed to help combat that issue. For those with food stamps, the food assistance can be used to buy an array of different items. Among the items you can buy, there are things you think won’t be allowed, but SNAP will still accept payment for you. What are those? Read this post from Hanfincal about 9+ surprising things you can buy with Food Stamps.

9 Surprising Things You Can Buy With Food Stamps

1. Birthday cakes

The first surprising thing you can buy with food stamps is birthday cakes. In fact, your SNAP benefits cover the actual edible part of the cake rather than the decoration. That is why you should keep the decoration simple, and you may be able to use your food stamp card to purchase a cake.

It’s simple to apply for food stamps in the United States. We gotta have a guide right here. Fill in the form, press submit, and enjoy your favorite food for free.

2. Coffee and tea

Packaged coffee is thing you can buy with food stamps, including Keurig-style K-cups. You cannot, however, buy ready-to-drink coffee. This is the same as tea. Tea is limited to packaged and unbrewed varieties because the USDA (United States Department of Agriculture) prohibits using SNAP funds to purchase hot beverages.


3. Energy drinks

Energy drinks can be purchased with SNAP benefits if they meet the USDA’s strict standards. According to New York SNAP EBT, if the energy drink has a “nutritional facts” label, you can buy it with your SNAP benefits. On the other hand, if it bears the label “supplemental facts,” it is a supplement and cannot be purchased with EBT.

9+ Surprising Things You Can Buy With Food Stamps

Energy drinks

4. Gift baskets

The USDA allows you to use SNAP funds to purchase gift baskets as long as at least half of the contents are edible. Non-food items do not count even if they contain eligible edibles if the value of the non-food accounts for more than 50% of the purchase price.

5. Hunting and fishing equipment

The next surprising thing you can buy with food stamps is fishing and hunting equipment if you live in a rural area and you hunt and fish for food year-round. These weird EBT-eligible items primarily apply to Alaska residents.

6. Fastfood

Are you taken aback? Fast food is listed as an eligible item on the food stamps list. This means you can use your EBT card (Electronic Benefits Transfer card) or food stamp card to buy fast food at fast-food restaurants that accept food stamps, such as McDonald’s, Subway, and Taco Bell.

Ready-to-eat and hot foods are also available at participating restaurants in the Restaurant Meals Program (RMP) for homeless, elderly, and disabled people who cannot prepare their own meals at home.

7. Seafood

The fascinating truth is that you can also use your food stamp card to buy seafood such as lobster and shellfish. Just because you can buy lobster with your EBT card doesn’t mean you should. This is due to the high cost of eating lobster and shellfish, quickly depleting your monthly SNAP benefits.

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8. Seeds and plants

If you have a garden and want to plant vegetables, you can use your SNAP benefits to buy food-producing plants and seeds like green pepper and tomato. Food-producing trees, fruit tree roots, bushes, and bulbs such as asparagus and fruit bushes are also eligible.

Furthermore, seeds and plants used to make cooking spices may be purchased using SNAP benefits as well.

9. Snacks of all kinds

Finally, snacks are EBT-eligible purchases. Everything from marzipan and marshmallows to popsicles and pudding is included.

Cakes, pies, pastries, doughnuts, muffins, and other cakey and flaky treats are on the menu, as are chips, popcorn, crisps, and various types of finger food. The USDA also approves ice cream, custard, scones, candy, chocolate, churros, and many other foods.

We hope you enjoyed this blog on 9+ surprising things you can buy with Food Stamps. If you’d like to learn more about how you can use food stamps to purchase fresh, healthy foods for your family, please visit our related articles. Hanfincal is always glad to provide helpful information.

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