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If you or your loved ones are living in Pennsylvania, do not miss this chance to discover how to apply for Section 8 in Pennsylvania (PA) to obtain affordable housing in this state. Here are step-by-step guidelines from Hanfincal (hanfincal.com) that will be valuable for you. Dive into it now. 

1. Application instructions for Pennsylvania Section 8 Housing

Section 8 housing in Pennsylvania is a component of the federal Housing Choice Voucher Program funded by the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD). Through the HUD and the Pennsylvania Housing Finance Agency (PHFA), this program is intended to assist low-income, disabled, and elderly Americans in obtaining affordable housing.

In Pennsylvania, this housing program is administered at the local level by public housing authorities (PHAs), and there are nearly 90 PHAs here.

You have the right to find housing in your own home through privately managed properties under the Housing Choice Voucher program. You are then given a subsidy to cover the cost of rent above the required 30% of your income.

2. Who can qualify for Section 8 in Pennsylvania (PA)?

To qualify for a Section 8 housing voucher in Pennsylvania, you must meet 3 requirement below:

  • Citizenship: You must be a US citizen or a qualified alien with all necessary legal documentation.
  • Income limits:
    • your family income has to be at or below 50% of the area median income,
    • or if your income is above 50% but less than 80%, with the following additional requirements:
      • it is displayed due to mortgage prepayment, 
      • you continue to receive public housing or Section 8 assistance, 
      • you are a non-purchasing household in specific homeownership programs.
  • Criminal history: You must not have been evicted from Section 8 or another type of public housing, and you must not have a drug-related criminal record.
Who can qualify for Section 8 in Pennsylvania (PA)?

Who can qualify for Section 8 in Pennsylvania (PA)?

3. How to apply for Section 8 in Pennsylvania?

To apply for Section 8 in Pennsylvania, contact or visit your local PHA to see if a waiting list is open. If it is still active, you can get an application from the PHA office. Click here to find the PHA office closest to you.

The following steps are to fill out the application, complete all details, and attach all required documents before submitting them to PHA. For individuals who are elderly or disabled and cannot attend the interview in person, HUD offers a phone interview.

PHA will notify you once your application has been approved and your name has been added to the list.

Plus, a place that synthesizes information about Section 8 throughout the United States can be a great help for you if you also need the information for another state. Click the button below to catch the details of everything you want about this Section 8 program. 


How to apply for Section 8 in Pennsylvania (PA)? After reading this article from Hanfincal (hanfincal.com), are you confident about what you should do? Act from now, and you will obtain this incredible voucher someday. If you want to check any information about your application or your approval process, contact the Philadelphia Regional Office or the Pittsburgh Field Office. 

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