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The waiting lists are usually long due to a large number of applicants and low-income families who desperately need this assistance experience frustration, fatigue, and impotence. Don’t worry! Hanfincal has been working hard to show you how to get low income housing fast in this article.

1. How to qualify for low income housing?

You can qualify for low-income housing if you:

  • are senior with the age above 62 or disabled.
  • meet the family definition by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD).
  • meet the income limits.
  • are a U.S resident or eligible non-resident.

You also have to prepare some documents to prove that you meet the eligibility requirements and fill out the application form:

  • Social Security Card.
  • Social Security Numbers.
  • Incomes Level.
How to qualify for low income housing?

How to qualify for low income housing?

2. Where to get low income housing fast?

There are 8 places that can help you get low-income housing fast.

2.1. Section 8 housing for low income family

Section 8 is the federal program of the U.S government that help low-income families can access sanitary and safe housing. This program is administered by the HUD and at the local level by the Public Housing Authorities (PHAs).

If you get a Section 8 Voucher, you can find housing on your own, such as single-family homes, townhouses, and apartments. The PHA will pay about 70% of house rent directly to your landlord and you just need to pay the rest.

To receive Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher fast, you can apply here:


2.2. Section 202 Supportive for the elderly program

The Section 202 Supportive program can help low-income seniors to have a place to live for the remainder of their lives. The elderly can also access cleaning services, transportation, and referral services as part of this program. HUD supports these initiatives by lending money to charitable organizations and real estate companies to help them build homes.

2.3. Veterans Program

Veterans programs are for individuals who are in need of housing at this time and are controlled by HUD. HUD offers a free hotline number that veterans can call at 877-424-3838. There is also a website called the United States Department of Veterans Affairs where veterans may find out all they need to know about finding housing.

2.4. Privately Owned Program

Privately Owned Programs provide low-income housing at a really low cost. To be clear, there are privately run programs that collaborate with the government, as well as government-subsidized housing projects. These programs are designed just for people who have a low income and cannot afford to pay expensive rent. So, you may seek such privately operated programs and see if you are qualified or not.

2.5. Transitional Housing

Transitional housing is a supportive community that provides temporary housing for various segments of the homeless population or those in crisis in every state in the U.S.

More understandably, in cases of cyclones, earthquakes, hurricanes, or other natural disasters, your home may be destroyed. So you need a house or an apartment to live in but don’t have enough money because a storm destroyed your home and store. Every state in the USA has a transitional housing choice voucher program. These transitional housing manage at least one housing facility for the homeless, veterans, or low-income people.

2.6. Public Housing Authority (PHA)

Public Housing Authority was generated to provide decent and safe rental housing for low-income families, the elderly, and individuals with a disability who qualify.

Low-income people who earn less than 30% of the median income will almost certainly get emergency housing and rental assistance. The PHA will check your background carefully so you must ensure that the information you enter is correct and complete.

2.7. Housing For Homeless Program

This program manages online referral applications to ensure that homeless persons can access low-income emergency accommodation. As a result, the homeless may benefit from this initiative.

The homeless must provide an exact identity, social security number, and last known address. After receiving this information, the program’s authorities will keep track of it and assist them in the future if they manage housing for them.

2.8. Continuum of Care

Another place for getting low-income housing quickly is through the Continuum of Care. This program is intended for persons who are homeless. The Department of Homelessness and Supportive Housing workers undertake online referral applications to ensure that homeless persons receive aid. These homeless folks come from outreach, the street, and walk-in shelters.

Where to get low income housing fast?

Where to get low income housing fast?

3. How to get low income housing fast?

To get low-income housing fast, you can try one of 3 following ways:

  • Living in smaller cities: Since the smaller cities have fewer residents, your chance to get low-income housing will be higher than living in the big cities.
  • Getting information: There are many government programs for low-income citizens. However, these programs are designed for specific people. You must collect all the necessary information to get low-income housing fast if you qualify.
  • Share your story: Make up your story and share it will help you get low-income housing quickly if you and your family are facing a horrible situation and get homeless.

4. How do I apply for low income housing?

To apply for low-income housing, you should follow 3 steps below:

  • Step 1: Visit the HUD website to learn more about the Affordable Housing Program or call the HUD housing counseling office. You can get low-income housing quickly with tons of information about the programs you can access.
  • Step 2: Determine what program you can qualify for.
  • Step 3: Prepare some necessary documents, fill out the application form and submit it.

5. Other ways to get low income housing fast

There are 5 different options for you to get low-income housing quickly from charities near you:

  • Volunteers of America: This affordable housing assistance program is for the homeless and veterans.
  • Mercy Housing: This is another option to get low-income housing fast. This program provides affordable housing to the disabled, retirees, and low-income individuals.
  • The Salvation Army: If you are having difficulty paying your rent, you can call the Salvation Army. The Salvation Army offers a wide range of services such as rent assistance, permanent supportive housing, and centers of hope.
  • The Interfaith Hospitality Network: The interfaith Hospitality Network is a large nonprofit organization that helps the poor.
  • Catholic Charities: They offer several channels and networks on low-income housing resources where you might be guided to acquire low-income housing without a waiting list.

Furthermore, if you need food assistance, you can click here to get Food Stamps in your state!


Finding and securing low-income housing through a variety of channels is not hard at all. Hanfincal hopes you learned more on our site about how to get low-income housing fast.

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