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Are you exhausted from finding the desired house for your family in Ohio? Hanfincal gives you a hand today. Everything you need about how to apply for Section 8 in Ohio (OH) is right at your fingertips. Come and read this article now.

1. What is the Ohio Section 8 program?

The Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher program in Ohio is a government-sponsored program that provides low-income families in Ohio with housing and rental subsidies. This program is funded by the United States Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD). It is administered locally by the Ohio Public Housing Authority (PHA), which has offices throughout the state.

After selecting a specific housing unit, the Ohio Section 8 Housing program pays a housing subsidy directly to the landlord. The benefiting family then pays the difference between the rent and the subsidy.

Plus, the Ohio Section 8 Housing program is available in two sections namely:

2. Who can qualify for Section 8 Housing in Ohio (OH)?

You can qualify for Section 8 Housing in Ohio if:

  • Your household must meet the minimum income limits.
  • You must be at least 18 years old and reside in Ohio.
  • Your household’s rental history must be current and with previous landlords in good standing.
  • Adults in your home must be screened using a criminal background check, and no one should have a history of drug or sexual offenses.
  • Everyone in this country must be an American (US) citizen or a naturalized immigrant with no criminal record.
  • If you have ever received Section 8 assistance, you must demonstrate that you were in good standing with your MHA.
Who can qualify for Section 8 Housing in Ohio (OH)?

Who can qualify for Section 8 Housing in Ohio (OH)?

3. How to apply for Section 8 in Ohio?

To apply for Section 8 housing in Ohio, you need to visit the nearest Ohio Public Housing Authority (PHA) to find out if applications are open in your area.

Fill out the application form once you’ve found an open waiting list. You will be asked for general information about yourself, your income, and your household on the Section 8 application.

The following step is to wait for a response. You can contact the local housing authority to inquire about the status of your application.

Once you receive a response, you must complete the process, including an in-person interview. You will be able to use your Housing Choice Vouchers to secure housing on a property that accepts Section 8 once you have been approved.

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