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For those living paycheck by paycheck and monthly rent is a burden for their tight pocket in Maine, Hanfincal brings a light guide to save their financial health. This article about how to apply for Section 8 in Maine (ME) is our gift. Let’s come and receive it.

1. What is Section 8 Housing in Maine?

Section 8 Housing program in Maine is a government-funded program that provides financial assistance to low-income families, the homeless, the disabled, and the elderly to obtain affordable, safe, and sanitary housing.

The United States Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) provides the program with the necessary funds, while local Public Housing Authorities (PHAs) administer the program on a local level to ensure that a household with extremely low incomes has access to affordable housing.

The Section 8 Housing program provides a subsidy that allows households to pay up to 30% of their (AGI) annual gross income for rent and utilities. This program allows families to choose where they want to live while still receiving affordable housing.

In Maine, households can choose from the following options under Section 8:

  • The Housing Choice Voucher program.
  • Subsidized project-based apartments.
  • Stability Through Engagement program.
  • ReStart program.

2. How to qualify for Section 8 in Maine (ME)?

To qualify for Section 8 in Maine, you must:

  • be US citizens or have eligible immigration status.
  • be a resident of Maine state.
  • be at least 18 years old.
  • have no previous criminal history
  • be low-income households if your income doesn’t exceed 50% of the area median income, based on family size. If your income does not exceed the very low or extremely low-income limits, you may be considered a priority for Section 8 programs.
how to apply for section 8 in maine

How to qualify for Section 8 in Maine

3. How to apply for Section 8 in Maine?

To apply for Section 8 housing in Maine, contact your local Public Housing Authority (PHA) office to apply online or in person.

Select the Public Housing Agency Waiting List that serves your area and apply. Your PHA will guide you through the section 8 application process when your name is called from the waitlist.

The applicant will be given instructions on proceeding once you have been approved for Maine Section 8 services. You will start finding affordable housing and sign a lease as a tenant if chosen for the Housing Choice Voucher program. This housing must meet the HUD’s required standards.

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4. Section 8 waiting lists that are open in Maine

In Maine, there is 1 option for active Section 8 waiting lists, and there has been no notice of this list being closed:

  • Maine Centralized Section 8 HCV waiting list. Click here to go to this list.

Is that guideline on how to apply for Section 8 in Maine (ME) from Hanfincal precisely what you’re looking for? Today is the best time to obtain Section 8 housing assistance if you meet the eligibility requirements. If you have any troubles at the beginning of this process, keep in touch with us, and we are willing to help you.

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