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The Florida Section 8 Housing Voucher Program is a part of a federally-funded program that supports disabled, lower-income, and elderly citizens to have reasonable housing in the state. How to apply for Section 8 in Florida? Let’s read the post with Hanfincal to answer the question.

1. Eligibility Requirements To Apply For Section 8 Housing In Florida

Individuals and families can use Section 8 housing. You must be over 18 years old and have a physical address to apply. However, Florida’s Section 8 requires the applicant and adults in your family to pass background checks. Here are some below requirements that you need to follow:

  • You must provide Social Security information and numbers about your citizenship status and proof of income for all family members.
  • You may have to get other eligibility requirements if you pass for special Section 8 programs. For example, the Orlando Housing Authority takes part in Section 8 Moving to Work Demonstration Program and will announce you if you pass based on your employment.
  • For Florida law, you must reach federal Section 8 program annual household income limits.

If you qualify for Section 8 HCV in Florida, let’s find out how to get Section 8 Vouchers fast with our help!


2. Section 8 Income Limits in Florida

Section 8 eligibility mainly depends on household income. Yearly, the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) creates income limits based on median income, county, and family size. Here are three categories of income limits that you should know:

  • Extremely low income – 30% of the median income/ 60% of the very low-income level.
  • Very low income – 50% of the median income.
  • Low income – 80% median income.

Generally, the family’s household income must be in the extremely low or the very low categories to qualify for Section 8 assistance.

Family sizes of one through eight members are applied by income limit:

  • Florida’s income limits in 2019, which change across the state, be from $13,650 to $36,450 for one household.
  • The Orlando Housing Authority income limits for four members of a family: extra low $55,500, very low $25,750, and low $34,700.

Tip: To find income limits for your Florida local housing authority, you can check out the HUD website or the agency’s website.

3. How To Apply For Section 8 In Florida

After waiting for the housing assistance to be approved, you can receive your Section 8 housing choice voucher. “How to get Section 8 in Florida?”, “How do I apply for Section 8 in Florida?”, “How to apply for low income housing in Florida?” are these questions that many applicants are wondering. To apply for Section 8 housing program in Florida, you should follow the seven steps below:

  • Step 1. Finish an Interview Many PHAs: An in-person interview will be conducted with participants when they are selected from the waiting list number. The essential purpose of this step is to verify that you still pass for assistance and update your information as needed.
  • Step 2. Applicant briefing: Several PHAs will hold applicant briefings to announce program applicants about how to use vouchers and what criteria must be met to continue receiving assistance.
  • Step 3. Find a suitable house: All rentals must meet the Section 8 housing criteria. The rental house must have an affordable cost. The home must be hygienic and safe.
  • Step 4. Qualify the PHA Inspection: Before you are allowed to use the voucher by the local housing authority, a representative must first check properties to guarantee these properties meet the program qualification.
  • Step 5. Sign the lease: After the property is inspected, you can sign the lease with the landowner.
  • Step 6. Complete PHA contract and the landlord: At the same time the lease is signed, the landowner also signs a housing assistance payment contract with the local PHA. Moreover, the landowner has to be a Landlord Briefing at the housing authority.
  • Step 7. Inspect annually: At least several months before you renew the lease, the local PHA will make a plan to inspect yearly. It’s vital to make sure that the housing unit still qualifies for the program criteria. Moreover, the PHA may review your household income and family makeup to guarantee that you still qualify for assistance.

4. FAQs About Applying Section 8 In Florida

4.1. Section 8 Housing Openings in Florida

Section 8 housing lists are opened at different times depending on your city. There are many Florida housing authorities, so if you have changed recently, you must understand the local rules.

4.2. Section 8 Waiting Lists in Florida

Each PHA makes a decision on how its local waiting list is managed. Orlando and Miami – two of the largest Florida public housing authorities, are examples of how Section 8 waiting lists can vary from one to the next:

  • Section 8 Waiting List in Miami: Authorized applicants are put on a randomly numbered and ranked waiting list. If you are here sooner and closer to the one, you will receive a voucher.
  • Section 8 Waiting List in Orlando: The Orlando Housing Authority manages about 2,400 housing choice vouchers, which are released after participants queue on the waiting list. Yet if the OHA meet any local preferences, they will bump participants up the list.

6 Section 8 Waiting Lists in Florida are opening now until further notice:

  • Jacksonville, Florida General HCV Waiting List.
  • Mainstream.
  • Mainstream.
  • Palm Beach County, FL Section 8 HCV Waiting List.
  • Washington County, Florida.
  • Putnam County, FL Waiting List.

Hanfincal hopes that all of the official information can help you to answer the question “How to Apply For Section 8 in Florida?” If you meet the requirements of this program, you need to apply as soon as possible to get a good house at an affordable price.

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