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Sometimes, you might want to buy groceries, electronics, and clothes with the help of the EBT card. Speedway is one of the most popular places for customers to purchase groceries or anything they need. But does Speedway take EBT/Food Stamps? You can check it out by reading this blog from Hanfincal.

1. Does Speedway take EBT/Food Stamps?

Does Speedway take EBT? Yes, Speedway accepts EBT in its convenience stores for eligible items, but EBT cannot be used to pay for gas. At Speedway, bread, chips, candy, and cold drinks are several examples of EBT-approved things.

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2. How to use EBT cards at Speedway?

EBT cards function similarly to debit and credit cards, so you can use them in any of Speedway’s regular card readers. If your order includes EBT-eligible items, you must divide the payment.

does speedway take ebt

How to use EBT cards at Speedway?

Swipe your EBT card first, then pay the rest of your order with cash, credit card, debit card, Apple Pay, or Samsung Pay.

3. What you can and can’t buy with SNAP at Speedway?

If you know the answer to Does Speedway take food stamps? It’s time to find out what foods you can with SNAP benefits and cannot buy at Speedway in the United States.

  • Eligibility items: Energy drinks, snacks, bread and cereals, meat, poultry, dairy products (milk, cheese, yogurt), fruit, vegetables, fish, soft drinks, and desserts.
  • Prohibited items: Alcohol, cleaning supplies, pet food/supplies, tobacco products, household items, and any other non-food items

5. Does Speedway accept EBT cards or SNAP as online payment?

No, you cannot use EBT cards to purchase goods online at Speedway, pay for grocery delivery, or curbside pickup at Speedway as well. You only use your Food Stamps/SNAP benefits to purchase groceries in-store at Speedway.

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We are thrilled to hear that you are looking for a way to easily find out: Does Speedway take EBT/Food Stamps? Hanfincal hopes this blog post could answer your question and provide you with some information you were unaware of.

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