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Jack in the Box is well known as an American fast-food restaurant that serves many delicious hamburgers and sandwiches. Does Jack in the Box take EBT cards? In this post, Hanfincal will share information about how to use EBT cards and who qualifies to use EBT at Jack in the Box.

1. Does Jack In The Box Take EBT Cards/ Food Stamps/ SNAP?

Does jack in the box accept EBT?”, “Does jack in the box take food stamps?”, “Does jack in the box accept food stamps?” Yes. Jack in the Box takes Electronic Benefits Transfer Cards (EBT) in Arizona and California through Restaurant Meals Program (RMP). This is one of the few restaurants that take EBT.

Though Illinois, Maryland, Michigan, and Rhode Island are taking part in the Restaurant Meals Program, Jack in the Box doesn’t approve RMP in those states. Therefore, this restaurant can’t accept EBT there.

Can you use my food stamps in another state? If you don’t stay in Arizona or California, you won’t use your EBT card at many fast-food restaurants in all the states. Yet, even in Arizona and California, you may find some Jack in the Box restaurants that don’t accept EBT.


2. Who qualifies to use EBT card at Jack in the Box?

To use food stamps at Jack in the Box, you must follow three below conditions:

  • The region you live in: You must live in a state participating in the RMP.
  • Qualification: You must qualify for the Restaurant Meals Program per your state’s requirements. It’s meant for the homeless, elderly (60+), and disabled SNAP recipients.
  • State approval: Each restaurant must be authorized under the RMP in your state.

If your state allows a restaurant to join the RMP, you can use your EBT card to purchase burgers, hot fries, and chicken salad.

3. How to Use EBT card at Jack In The Box?

EBT stands for Electronic Benefits Transfer – a special debit card to distribute government aid such as TANF, food stamps, and WIC to qualifying recipients. Once you get SNAP benefits, your state agency opens an account under your name so that your SNAP and your funds are loaded monthly.

You are issued an EBT card secured with a 4-digit PIN to save the hassles of going to the bank or finding Quest ATMs, which dispense $1, $5, $50, or $100. Although you can use an EBT card without a PIN at Jack in the Box restaurant, you must PIN your card to authorize the payment.

At the checkout register desk, you must tell the cashier that you’re paying with food stamps, so they don’t charge any sales tax.

Once you swipe your EBT card, you must enter your 4-digit PIN to allow the payment. The PIN helps you that someone else isn’t able to use a stolen credit/debit card.

Does Jack In The Box Take EBT

How to Use EBT card at Jack In The Box?

4. Can Jack In The Box Accept EBT Online?

The answer is no. Jack in the Box restaurant doesn’t take EBT online in its app, and this restaurant only accepts food stamp payments for in-store purchases. That means you are not able to order a taco online with your EBT card via the company’s application.

Jack in the Box takes EBT cards in some restaurants in California and Arizona. Moreover, this restaurant also accepts Google Pay, Apple Pay, unexpired debit or credit cards, cash, and your SNAP balance. You can use the EBT funds to purchase protein powder or bagged ice at a SNAP-approved retailer. However, Jack in the Box doesn’t take Venmo or PayPal.

Using EBT cards to purchase meals at Jack in the Box is very easy, and an EBT card works like a regular credit. However, you must know your PIN for EBT purchases, unlike using your debit card without a PIN.

To call your SNAP agency or check your balance, you can use Quest ATMs that dispense $10.

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Does Jack In The Box Take EBT cards? Jack in the Box accepts EBT cards at most Arizona and California restaurants. Hanfincal suggests you use the Jack in the box store locator to find a location in your area that takes EBT. Afterward, visit the restaurant and enjoy eligible meals. Moreover, you need to check your balance or carry an alternative card just in case.

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