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Can I get Section 8 with no job? Many have found the correct answer to this question, and the answer is both yes and no. Yes, you absolutely can, but only if you live in the right place. Many factors must be met, and you cannot lie or falsify any information. Here is the response from Hanfincal.

1. Can I get Section 8 with no job?

You can get Section 8 Housing vouchers with no job if you meet the income limits in your area. Because Section 8 provides government assistance to low-income families, you may be eligible even if you are not working but receiving unemployment, social security, or welfare benefits. However, the benefits you receive when you apply for this housing assistance must be less than or equal to the Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher income limit requirements in the state where you apply.

Confirm your income qualifications with the housing authority or apartment community you want to apply, as affordable housing offices have their income limits.

2. Income limits and requirements

Can you get low income housing with no job? Yes, absolutely can as long as your total income meets the income limits and requirements. In most cases, your income cannot exceed 50% of the median income for the area you wish to reside. The specific number for this limit varies by state in the United States. Some states or regions are far more expensive than others, impacting general income eligibility. A very low-income family may have significantly less income and receive more financial assistance.

can i get section 8 with no job

Section 8 Income Limits and Requirements

PHAs are required by federal law to allocate 75% of their vouchers to people with extremely low incomes. This could affect your eligibility if you earn more, so not having a job or earning money isn’t a disadvantage.

3. What counts as income?

Income can come from many sources other than a job or a monthly salary, but you must demonstrate that it is your primary source of income. HUD recognizes that some people are in financial distress because they are unemployed, and it will accept a wide range of income sources other than a job, but you must be able to substantiate it.

Here are some acceptable sources of income:

  • Public assistance and welfare,
  • Pensions and other types of retirement plans,
  • Assistance to American Veterans,
  • Disability compensation,
  • Unemployment compensation,
  • Benefits from Social Security,
  • Child support and alimony.

You and other earning members of your family will be required to provide documentation and proof of your income and information about any assets you own.


Can I get Section 8 with no job? Getting these vouchers with no job is often possible but not without challenges. It is important to note that getting Section 8 is not as easy as it may seem. Click the button above from Hanfincal to get the guidelines on applying for this housing program.

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