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How to change name on credit card? This is probably a question that many people are curious about, especially newlyweds. Syncing your name on your credit card is required if you change your name, regardless of the reasons. Hanfincal will guide you with detailed instructions. Don’t leave this article yet; there’s a lot of helpful information waiting for you.

1. Why do you need to change your credit card name?

Here are three common reasons why you need to change credit card name:

  • You’ve been married or divorced: When you married, your name changed. However, if you divorce, you can petition the court to change your name again. After that, you must update it on your credit cards to match the legal documents that reflect your new name.
  • Some people may want to change their name on a credit card if they are going through a gender transition and legally changing their name.
  • If you changed your name for another reason, you’d almost certainly need to provide a court order authorizing the name change.

A name change is a personal decision that can occur for various reasons; however, regardless of the reason, it is critical to ensure that financial accounts are updated with the new name.

2. How to change name on credit card?

To change your name on credit card, you can do 4 following steps:

Step 1: Update your government-issued IDs

  • Many related documents, such as a Social Security card, a driver’s license, a passport, or other government-issued ID cards, may be required by credit card issuers to change your name on a credit card. As a result, before approaching your credit card company, update your name on these documents.
  • It is good to order multiple certified copies of any document or license when applying for one.

Step 2: Contact your credit card issuers

  • Contact your credit card issuer via 800-432-3117 or the number on your card.
  • Ask them about the policy and documents you need to prepare to change the name on your credit card.

Step 3: Collection of documents

  • Inquire about the documents and forms that are required, as well as how credit card companies prefer that you submit them.
  • Some people may only want to see your new Social Security card or driver’s license and consider that sufficient proof. Others may be more stringent and request legal documents such as a marriage license, a divorce decree with the name change order included, or a court order for a legal name change in the case of a transitioning person.

Step 4: Submit documents to change name on credit card

  • Submit your documentation after gathering all of the necessary documents from credit card companies.
  • Some credit card issuers accept digital scans of documents, while others may require paper forms and mailed documents.
  • If your name change hasn’t taken effect after the expected amount of time, follow up the process and contact to update the exact result.
How to change name on credit card?

How to change name on credit card?

3. Does changing your name affect your credit?

Changing your name on credit card is not affect your credit. Your credit score is only affected by your payment history and credit card utilization. The accounts in your name and any scores associated with them remain unchanged—the only change is the name on the account.

How to change name on credit card? Changing your name is a simple but critical step in protecting your credit account. Although personal information isn’t used to calculate your credit scores, it’s a good idea to double-check that it’s correct on your reports. If not, this could indicate that your credit file has been mixed up with someone else’s. Don’t forget to visit Hanfincal  if you want to learn more about credit card topics like improving your credit score, activating your accounts, cash advances, etc.

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