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You or your loved ones undoubtedly once or several times forgot credit card PIN number in the past. So, what should you do? Were you in a panic or didn’t know what to do to make a transaction? There will be no more worries from today onwards because this article from Hanfincal will give you what to do if you forget your credit card PIN. Let’s get started.

1. What to do if you forgot your credit card PIN number?

1.1. View your PIN securely online

If you forget your PIN, viewing it securely online is safe to retrieve. Your online accounts will be a safe place to store your PIN and will assist you in relocating it. This should be your first place if you have online banking because some banks allow you to ‘view it secure’ online. Look for a tab labeled ‘account services’ or something similar.

However, if you are only an additional cardholder on the account (and thus do not have access to online mobile banking), you will need to ask the primary account holder to log in and retrieve your PIN. They will be able to access all of the PINs associated with the account.

If you have downloaded your bank’s personal banking app, you may be able to retrieve your PIN there as well.

1.2. Request a PIN reminder

If you forgot your credit card PIN, you can request a new PIN and it will take 3-10 working days depending on your bank. Many banks now offer the service of reminding customers of their PIN if they forget or lose it. You can send your request to your credit card company, and they will send you a PIN reminder to your postal address.

You’ll need to make the request on the bank’s website or through its banking app, and you’ll need to have the long number across your debit card handy. If you prefer, you can call your bank’s customer service department to request a PIN reminder.

1.3. Use your smartphone

In case you need to use credit cards in emergencies and cannot wait for such days, using your smartphone to conduct transactions that do not require a PIN is a good idea. If you have Apple Pay on your iPhone or Google Pay on your Android, you can make contactless payments without entering your PIN or using your bank card. Simply open your phone’s “Wallet” app and hover over the card terminal.

Use your smartphone

Use your smartphone

1.4. Use contactless payments

Except for using your credit card for cash advances at ATMs, you can use contactless, which does not require a PIN at all. You just wait for a prompt from the credit card reader before tapping or hovering your card above the card terminal to finish the transaction.

1.5. Withdraw cash in branch

Although you cannot withdraw money from ATMs with credit cards unless you have a PIN, you can withdraw cash at any branch of your bank even if your PIN is locked. Remember to bring two forms of identification, such as your passport or a photo driving license.

2. How to change your PIN?

Change your PIN

Change your PIN

You may change your PIN if you think that someone knows it or you usually forget your PIN. Now, many banks offer to change PIN numbers in their cash machines or other specific ATMs. However, you must know your current PIN number to change it. Here are the steps to steps to change your PIN:

  1. Put your credit card in the cash machines and enter your current PIN number.
  2. Click PIN-related services.
  3. Select “Change your PIN.”
  4. Enter your new PIN.

3. How to unlock your PIN number?

When you’re not sure if you remember your PIN correctly, don’t try to enter it again and again. Because if you enter your credit card PIN incorrectly three times, it becomes ‘locked.’ This means that you will be unable to use your card.

If you remember your PIN later, you can ‘unlock’ it at a cash machine owned or specified by your bank. Enter your existing PIN, click the PIN-related services tab and follow the instructions.

Forgot credit card PIN isn’t about losing your credit card or the world collapsing; instead, stay calm and read through these helpful tips from Hanfincal in this article to determine what you should do in this situation. Also, try to keep your credit card PIN as secure as possible; this will save you the trouble of performing credit card transactions.

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