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Do you think it’s odd that you’re using a credit card but not using the PIN for that card? So, what is a credit card PIN, and what are they used for? In this article, Hanfincal will help you explore.

1. What is a credit card PIN number?

A credit card PIN code (also known as Personal Identified Number) is issued by the bank to customers who open credit cards. When receiving a credit card from the bank, you must change this PIN code to increase security and activate the account, and then you can use the ATM card. Each person himself sets the PIN. When you want to make financial transactions through an ATM card, you need to enter this PIN code correctly.

Credit card PIN codes usually have four or six-digit numbers depending on the bank. This set of security numbers is only granted once, and the cardholder will change the password after that to ensure the level of security. The bank won’t know your secret numbers either.

A PIN code is also known as an ATM card password. The PIN code plays an important role. It helps prevent bad actors from wanting to break into the account. From there, protect the account most optimally. Only when there is a PIN of the card will it be allowed to log in and use the service at the ATM / POS.

You need to understand that this is a secret sequence of numbers to protect your credit card from unauthorized access from others.

2. Does a credit card have a PIN?

Many people wonder if a credit card has a PIN code. The answer here is yes. Like debit cards, credit card PINs play a role in protecting the card from illegal intrusion. You will need to use a PIN code in different circumstances, such as withdrawing money at an ATM, transferring money, or checking your balance. Many customers who receive a card ignore the PIN inscribed in the envelope and the credit card account number.

The PIN code is very important. You must not tell the PIN code to anyone else if you do not want a day of money on your credit card to disappear.

3. What to do if you forget your credit card PIN?

Many of you don’t remember your credit card PIN, and when you need it, you can’t trade. Therefore, when you have forgotten your credit card PIN, you need to bring your ID to the card issuance office to apply for a PIN reissue. Here, we will carry out procedures to apply for a new password reissue. The banker will help you get your forgotten credit card PIN back within minutes.

But note that when applying for a reissue of the PIN code, it will take a specific fee as prescribed by the bank.

After you have been reissued with the new PIN, you need to take the credit card to the ATM and the banking system to change the new password. The steps to change the password are the same as changing the PIN of another regular ATM card.

How to get a PIN number for a credit card?

How to get a PIN number for a credit card?

4. Is it safe to use a credit card?

Most credit cards of banks today apply EMV chip security technology. This is modern, advanced technology with much higher security than magnetic cards. Credit card customers need to preserve the card well, not reveal the PIN code and CVV / CVC code, and be assured that it is difficult for anyone to steal information or money from their account.

5. What role does a credit card PIN play when paying via POS machine?

5.1. What is a POS machine?

POS machine (short for Point of Sale). These machines are linked to banks, allowing credit card payments to be accepted. When receiving a payment request, the machine will quickly connect and send the data to the bank. The bank verifies and accepts card payments. Payment via card swipe at POS machine is very safe and fast.

POS machines are usually located at stalls at shopPINg malls, supermarkets, hotel restaurants, and hospitals to bring to customers a convenient, fast, and highly secure payment solution.

In addition to traditional POS machines, there is also a compact, convenient POS machine called mPOS. This machine is usually located at small and medium-sized convenience stores for customers to pay their shopPINg bills.

5.2. When paying via POS, what role does a credit card PIN play?

If you have paid at the POS machine will find that there is no need to enter the credit card PIN code can still be paid usually. You swipe the card, then sign the confirmation.

Even if you pay your online purchase bill, you don’t need to use a credit card PIN. Instead, the code you need to enter is the CVV/CVC number (under the magnetic ribbon). After you receive the card from the bank, remember the CVV/CVC number. Then blur or cover the CVV/CVC number behind the card. Thus, in case you drop or lose your credit card, you do not need to worry too much about the bad guy taking money from the credit account.

What is a credit card PIN? We believe that you can find out the answer after reading this article. Be careful when using this PIN for a cash advance. This can hurt your financial health. Moreover, if you come across any information about credit cards or related financial topics, please notify Hanfincal, and we will send it to you in a split second.

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