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Are you looking to own a home but don’t want to deal with the hassles of finding a home traditionally? If so, buying foreclosed homes in Oregon is a great way. Follow this article from Hanfincal to know how to buy foreclosed homes in Oregon.

1. What is A Foreclosed Home In Oregon?

Before answering the question “How to buy a foreclosed house in Oregon?” you need to know what a foreclosure house in Oregon means. The foreclosure process occurs when a house owner stops paying long enough that the lender has to try to recover the amount owed on the defaulted loan by controlling ownership.

In Oregon, once the house owner has gone 90 days without paying a notice of default (NOD) is issued. It becomes public information that a house owner goes into foreclosure. After 140 to 160 days of nonpayment, the foreclosure house will be subject to sale on the “courthouse steps.” The courthouse steps are where the county sheriff will auction off the foreclosure house to the highest bidder for cash. You can buy foreclosure houses at the sheriff’s sale auction with full cash.

2. How To Buy Foreclosed Homes In Oregon?

How to buy a foreclosed home in Oregon? How to buy a foreclosure in Oregon? There are two ways to help you purchase foreclosed house in Oregon.

2.1. Buy Foreclosed Homes In Oregon At Auction

Buy a newspaper in the county where you want to purchase the property. The sale notice for a property will run once a week for four weeks, and it runs at least 20 days before the sale of the property. A sale notice will be posted at the regional courthouse.

You can head to the county courthouse and see the list of foreclosure properties. Afterward, determine the property you are interested in, and the sale notice will contain the property address. Then, you drive by the property you are interested in and jot down the condition of the property.

Buy Foreclosed Homes In Oregon At Auction

Buy Foreclosed Homes In Oregon At Auction

Call your lender and arrange a time to meet. After that, you demonstrate that you desire to buy a property at an auction and serve the paperwork requested by your lender. Arrange schedules to have cash available on the day you bid at an auction. Money is due at the auction, and you must pay full cash.

If you want to purchase a specific foreclosed house but don’t earn enough money at this time; here are some benefits and financial assistance you can consider to own your dream house:

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financialhelpforfamilies.org provides programs you need and support you in getting help from your state. 

Join the auction. Auctions take place from 9 AM to 4 PM at the location written on the notice. You must identify how high you will bid for a property and have cash on hand to buy the house should you be the highest bidder. Houses are transferred within ten days.

2.2. Buy Foreclosed Homes From Bank-Owned Properties

Call your local bank in the town or city where you want to purchase the property, and ask if they have any houses available. Take a list of houses from the bank. After that, you review the list and determine your preferred houses.

Do you live in Oregon and want to purchase a foreclosed house? Here are some websites where you can find a preferred one!

viewforeclosurehomes.com is one of the largest foreclosed house databases and updates it daily. View the exclusive listing in your region!


viewhudforeclosures.com website is one of the largest databases of nationwide foreclosures and provides online tools to support you with the process. Browse HUD foreclosure listings in your location NOW!


Contact your local real estate agent. If you don’t have a real estate agent, you can call your local real estate company of choice and talk to the agent on call. Tell the agent you prefer purchasing bank-owned properties. Sometimes banks list foreclosure houses with agents to assist them in selling. Require your agent to search for bank-owned properties. Identify the region you want and the particular features of the property, for instance, a particular number of bedrooms, ZIP code, etc. Then, you require your agent to mail you a link to see the search results.

Review the houses and choose the properties that you are interested in. Compare the houses from your real estate agent’s search and the bank list. Call your agent and arrange a time to see your chosen properties.

Afterward, you arrange a meeting with your lender and demonstrate that you prefer purchasing bank-owned properties. Offer the paperwork your lender requires and ask this lender for a pre-approval letter. The letter will identify you as a qualified purchaser. Then, banks usually accept many offers for the property and choose the best and highest offer. The bank wants to know if you are eligible for the property for which you write a contract.

You meet your real estate agent and write an offer for the house you have decided to bid. Show your best and highest offer at first. The banks will often enter into negotiations and seek the highest offer with the best conditions. Finally, you submit your pre-approval letter with your contract.

How to buy foreclosed homes in Oregon? You can consider the two ways above to purchase a foreclosure house in Oregon. If you are a new buyer, you shouldn’t buy a house via an auction because you don’t have a chance to inspect the property in person. With this knowledge above, Hanfincal hopes you enjoyed our article about buying foreclosure houses in Oregon.

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