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Buying foreclosed homes, such as pre-foreclosures, via the auction, HUD foreclosures, and through the bank, is a great way to get one of the best real estate investments at a good price. However, it’s not always easy to find the right foreclosed home. That’s why Hanfincal puts together this blog that explains how to buy foreclosed homes in Ohio.

1. What is A Foreclosed Homes?

A foreclosed house refers to a particular stage in the distressed sale process. The different kinds of distressed houses are at distinguishing points along the continuum of distressed sales.

In a pre-foreclosure, the house owner is in default on the house loan, and the property is heading toward foreclosure; however, the lender has not foreclosed on the house. Some aspects of pre-foreclosure can compare to distressed sales in the rest of the process, like the inability of the house owner to negotiate on things like fixing. Or the owners may have been under financial strain for some time, and there can be several considerable problems with the house.

What is a foreclosure property? A foreclosure is a house that has been retaken by lenders and is about to sell at an auction. These auctions are sight-unseen and cash-only – a good way for investors with cash on hand to seek new properties to purchase, hold, flip, and fix. However, not necessarily the most practical method for an average purchaser to get a foot in the door on the property ladder.

There are real-estate-owned (REO) houses or bank-owned houses. There are homes at the far end of the continuum: the first owner has foreclosed and left the property; however, it didn’t sell at the auction. It is placed on the bank’s balance sheet until someone purchases it.

2. 4 Ways To Buy Foreclosed Homes In Ohio

2.1. Buying Ohio Pre-foreclosures

If you purchase a foreclosure by yourself, check out dedicated sites such as RealtyTrac or use filters on popular sites, such as Realtor.com and Zillow.

If you work with an agent, they can arrange custom alerts for pre-foreclosures in particular price ranges and ZIP codes. You will hear about new pre-foreclosure deals as soon as they reach your target Ohio markets (MLS-syndicated sites).

2.2. Buying Foreclosed Homes In Ohio Auctions

In Ohio, a house is in a judicial foreclosure process if it doesn’t sell in pre-foreclosure. Approximately five months later (maybe longer), the house will be sét up at the public auction.

Ohio foreclosure auctions are held online and managed by the local sheriff’s office. If no one purchases the house at an auction (which is typical), the lender – either the government body or bank – takes back the house and sells it themselves on the government auction site or open market.

You can look for the following auctions in real estate sections of regional and local Ohio newspapers. Moreover, you can check some sites for list auctions, such as Ohioforeclosures.com, Foreclosure.com, etc.

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2.3. Buying Bank-owned Foreclosures In Ohio

In Ohio, when a bank foreclosure with a traditional loan doesn’t sell at auction, the bank automatically retakes the property. These foreclosures are typically known as REO (real-estate-owned) properties.

Banks commonly list and sell REOs on the open market with a real estate agent like a retail property. However, you are negotiating with a bank, not a house owner.

Buying Bank-owned Foreclosures In Ohio

Buying Bank-owned Foreclosures In Ohio

2.4. Buying HUD Foreclosures in Ohio

When a house bought with an FHA loan is foreclosed on, the government takes it back and sells it through an online auction in the HUD Home Store. The purchase process is relatively varied from other foreclosures and doesn’t differ much by state.

3. How To Buy Foreclosed Homes In Ohio?

How to buy a foreclosed home in Ohio? How to purchase a foreclosed home in Ohio? You have several options when going shopping for Ohio foreclosures – pre-foreclosures, REOs, HUD homes, and auctions. Purchasing these kinds of houses boils down to the six steps below:

Step 1: Identify your financing: If you desire a HUD house, pre-foreclosure, or REO, conventional financing might be a selection relying on the condition of the property. If you want to bid at the auctions, you will certainly need cash on hand – if it is yours or a hard money lender’s depends on you.

Step 2: Find your property: You can seek auction or pre-foreclosed home in two options below.

Do you find a foreclosed home? Check out these listings below!


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Step 3: Do due diligence: Do a title search to guarantee no outstanding liens or problems with the property. If feasible, you can inspect and appraise. Working with an experienced agent or attorney will be invaluable here.

Step 4: Make a bid or offer: In the pre-foreclosure stage, you should be respectful of the people you are dealing with. At the auction, don’t forget to account for the 10% purchaser’s fee. For a HUD or REO house, be sure you thoroughly follow the particular instructions for that type of house.

Step 5: Close on property: If you received the property at the auction, remember not to believe the deal is complete until the sale has been approved and the redemption period is over.

Step 6: Rent or move: You can enter and enjoy your new property – unless a tenant exists in the region. Afterward, you need to give them at least 90 days to leave. If you are a landlady, you need to honor the conditions of their lease.

4. What To Consider When Buying Foreclosed Homes in Ohio

  • Researching the state’s regulations: Foreclosure rules mainly rely on whether a state uses deeds of mortgages or trusts for real estate purchases. This identifies whether the state uses judicial or non-judicial foreclosures or a combination. Relying on the state, process periods for foreclosed houses change from a few weeks to almost a year. These fluctuating time frames can influence negatively how long it takes to finish your home purchasing transaction.
  • Hire an agent: One of the most overlooked secrets to purchasing foreclosures is looking for the right agent. It would be best if you chose agents with extensive backgrounds in foreclosures, preferably one who addresses them exclusively. Moreover, you should call the bank’s REO departments to get a list of the agents who handle their foreclosures.
  • Pre-approval letters are essential: If you don’t use cash, you need a pre-approval letter before going house-hunting. Lenders pre-accept loan amounts based on your credit score and income level. You use the bank’s pre-approval letter to ensure the fund to complete a house purchasing sale within this amount.

How to buy foreclosed homes in Ohio? You can follow the six steps above to purchase a house in Ohio. Foreclosed houses can wind up being great deals, and purchasers have the opportunity to pay below market value for houses that wouldn’t be available to them in common circumstances. If savings are on the acquisition side, it betters the likelihood of the purchasers realizing appreciation of their asset and investment gains. If buying a foreclosure is done responsibly, it can allow a purchaser to achieve many benefits for many years. Hanfincal hopes you enjoyed this post about purchasing foreclosures in Ohio.

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