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Purchasing a foreclosure can be a great deal if you are not in a position to afford a brand-new house. How to buy foreclosed homes in New Jersey? In this post, Hanfincal will cover the question and give you some tips to own your house efficiently.

1. How To Buy Foreclosed Homes In New Jersey?

How to buy foreclosures in NJ? How to find foreclosed home in NJ? You can consider two ways of purchasing below:

1.1. Buying Foreclosed Homes In NJ Via Auction

It is difficult to navigate the auction process on your own. The sheriff’s sales in Atlantics, Monmouth, and Mercer counties of New Jersey have strict conditions of sales with quite harsh consequences if those conditions aren’t followed. Buyers must pay full payment within 30 days for many counties; although interest begins to accrue two or more weeks before the balance is due. Therefore, if the home sells for less during another sale, you should check online for the conditions of sale in your county for any slight variations; however, you can calculate them barely being easy and never negotiated.

Unluckily, even if you follow the rules as the winning bidder, the property doesn’t automatically belong to you. Court approval is essential for selling auction houses in New Jersey, which is common for judicial foreclosure states. However, that doesn’t imply approval is assured. Thus, there is always the opportunity that your efforts to do everything right simply won’t pay. There is also the possibility that the house owner will make an effort to recoup the property after they are not legally permitted to try anymore.

1.2. Purchase Foreclosed Homes Though Short Sale

A short sale is a deal with a house owner directly. In such a scenario, a house owner who can’t make mortgage payments can agree with a lender to sell a house for less than is possessed on the mortgage.

Purchase Foreclosed Homes Though Short Sale

Purchase Foreclosed Homes Though Short Sale

2. What To Consider When Buying Foreclosed Homes in New Jersey?

After answering the question “How to purchase a foreclosed home in NJ?”, you need to know things to consider when buying a foreclosure in this state.

2.1. Acquaint Yourself With Housing Auction

If you are seeking to purchase a New Jersey foreclosure at the auction, you need to understand what kind of house auction you are going to.

Here are three categories of home auctions, include:

  • Absolute auction: This is where no lower price is set, and the property is sold to the highest bidder. The seller must receive the result of the bidding.
  • Minimum bid auction: This implies that at least one bidder must hit a minimum price for selling the property. This minimum bid is released and must be taken by the seller if met. While someone hits the minimum price, the highest bidder wins.
  • Reserve auction: The seller’s minimum price is kept private. Moreover, the seller has an obligation to refuse a winning bid within 72 hours.

Relying on the kind of housing auction you enter, you might or might not be able to execute your check of the house before purchasing. It is worth requiring the auction event manager if you can see the property pre-buy.

Yet, if you are well versed on what you are joining, and the price is right, you might still consider purchasing a foreclosed house at auction, no matter whether or not you have checked the property.

A pro tip for you: Foreclosures at housing auctions can be purchased with private cash. You need to go through a few steps and work closely with your lender; however, private money is a common option for financing foreclosures at auction.

2.2. Reviews Play a Key Role

Investing in a top-notch home surveyor or inspector can save you many in the long term. This is especially pertinent if the home hasn’t been unvacated for a while. Experienced surveyors can determine any structural defects and foundational weaknesses. In turn, this could help you get away from nasty surprises during the renovation.

In addition, if you are seeking to fix and flip your foreclosure, a house inspection and appraisal gives you a precise after-repair value (ARV). Moreover, if you use an NJ private money lender to guarantee financing, they will ask for an experienced inspector or/and contractor to observe the property.

If you are worried about choosing the right house surveyor, do research into former customer reviews, websites such as Trustpilot are very trustworthy at giving a good picture of the criteria of service a specific home surveyor would provide.

2.3. Short Sales Are Easier Than Auctions

Here are two methods of purchasing a New Jersey foreclosure, include:

  • Via an auction
  • In-person buy from the house owner.

The second way is known as short selling, allowing you to go and check the property and deal directly with the house owner. Negotiating with no mediator implies that the owner has added incentive to provide a better price. In addition, realtor fees and auctions don’t factor into the price.

To do a short sale, it is likely that you will need a loan to pay for the home. If you need to guarantee the property quickly, it could be enlisting the support of a reliable private money lender.

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3. Where To Buy Foreclosed Homes In New Jersey?

Wonder where to purchase foreclosures in New Jersey? Here are some websites you can consider to apply! 

Viewforeclosurehomes.com is one of the largest databases of foreclosed homes in the industry. It provides the full details on each house and neighborhood, crime index, surrounding regions, schools, etc. 

Do you want to own a suitable foreclosed home? Check out the exclusive listing in your area below!


ViewHUDforeclosures.com is a great website for first-time homebuyers to get a house below market value. It provides the largest databases of nationwide foreclosures and helps connect with local real estate professionals to support you with the home purchasing process. 

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How to buy foreclosed homes in New Jersey? There are two ways to purchase foreclosures: through auction and short sale. If you want to own a house at an affordable price, you need to consider doing some activities, such as searching reviews on websites, choosing short sales, and getting used to housing auctions. Hanfincal hopes you enjoyed this post about purchasing foreclosures in New Jersey.

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