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Buying a foreclosed home can be an excellent way to get a home whose price is lower than the market value. However, the process can still be confusing, especially if you have never bought a foreclosed home. In this blog, Hanfincal will cover how to buy foreclosed homes in Massachusetts.

1. The Basics of Foreclosures In Massachusetts

A foreclosure property has gone through a process where the primary institution has tried to recoup some funds from the property owner who has defaulted on their loan. The lender will often sell the property at a foreclosed auction for a cheaper price than its value to get it off their books as soon as possible.

Under federal law, the loan supplier must wait 120 days (or more) prior to officially initiating a foreclosed house. This law brings the property owner sufficient time to discover alternative selections before they essentially the ownership obligations of the property.

For real estate investors, foreclosed houses usually show good investment potential since these properties are generally sold below their market price. This is mainly because lenders are not in the business of property management and prefer selling a property that has been defaulted on to get away from paying current maintenance costs.

In Massachusetts, banks and lenders must submit lawsuits to proceed with foreclosure. When the buying process for a foreclosure house is the same as any other purchase, property investors might seek the purchase process to be more nuanced in specific ways.

2. How To Buy Foreclosed Homes In Massachusetts (MA) in 4 steps?

How to buy a foreclosed home in Massachusetts? How to buy a foreclosed home in MA? You can purchase a foreclosure homes in MA by the four steps below.

Step 1. Get Preapproval for Your Loan

A preapproval letter from the credit union, bank, or other lender is crucial, and it’ll outline your borrowing restriction and the amount of money you can spend.

Don’t assume the lender or bank selling the property will offer to finance. It is a separate transaction and should be controlled before you begin finding foreclosure properties.

Don’t miss the chance to buy a foreclosed house at a reasonable price; here are some benefits and financial assistance you can consider to apply:

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Step 2. Know What It Will Cost to Repair the Home

This is one of the biggest mistakes purchasers of foreclosure properties make. They don’t calculate the total expense of repairs or underrate what it will take to bring the house to livable standards. 

Notice that foreclosure houses are commonly sold “as is.” That implies you may have to spend tens of thousands of dollars for repairs after purchasing.

Know What It Will Cost to Repair the Home

Know What It Will Cost to Repair the Home

Step 3. Know the Market Value of Similar Homes

Knowing comparable houses or what “comps” are selling for will assist you in bidding competitively. However, identifying the amount of money to offer is uneasy. Instruction is to subtract the repair expenses from the value of a familiar property and require 80% of that amount.

If you want to purchase a foreclosure property, you should notice that not every house will have a rock bottom price. Several foreclosures can be estimated over market price.

Think that you will not be the only bidder. Many bidders can increase the possible price on a foreclosure property to a level that is not worth the purchase.

That is why you should put a firm maximum bid price and stay within this budget. Alternatively, a potentially profitable investment can be a pricey mistake.

Step 4. Work with a Professional Realtor

Working with a professional realtor is the best way to identify a property’s actual market price. They work and live in communities throughout Massachusetts; therefore, they have a good feel for various trends in the market.

They have access to the latest housing statistics and help guide you to foreclosure properties in neighborhoods where houses will appreciate. They can help you plan a bid strategy so you don’t pay too much when purchasing a foreclosure house.

3. Where To Buy Foreclosed Properties In Massachusetts

Wonder where to purchase foreclosure homes in Massachusetts? Here are some websites you can refer to apply! 

viewforeclosurehomes.com provides the largest database of foreclosed houses in the industry and updates it daily. Browse the exclusive listing in your region NOW!


viewhudforeclosures.com offers the largest database of nationwide foreclosures available and online tools to support you with the purchase process. Check out HUD foreclosure listings here!


How to buy foreclosed homes in Massachusetts? You can purchase foreclosure houses in this state by the four steps above. If you don’t have enough money at this time, there are some benefits and financial assistance you can apply to own a foreclosed home. Hanfincal hopes you find the valuable information we bring to you in this blog.

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