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Purchasing foreclosed properties can be a cost-saving and rewarding experience. However, before diving in, you need to know how to buy foreclosed homes in Illinois and where to purchase them. Follow this post from Hanfincal for more information!

1. How To Buy Foreclosed Homes In Illinois?

How to buy a foreclosed home in Illinois? How to buy a foreclosure in Illinois? You can purchase a foreclosure house in 4 ways.

1.1. Pre-Foreclosure

You can make an offer to buy a property when it is in pre-foreclosure, and the lender agrees with the house owner to receive less than the outstanding balance of a mortgage loan and get away from foreclosure. This often converts into a discount below the house’s market price for the purchaser.

This kind of purchase is known as a short sale and is currently all the rage. Investors seek out house owners who are delinquent on their loans and make a great effort to negotiate a deal to bail them out of their financial debt by buying their houses. Several purchasers knock on doors, call and send letters or emails to distressed house owners. Moreover, it would be best if you noticed that when the property is on pre-foreclosure, the owner has several months (more than six months in some states) to pay the default amount.

1.2. Auction Sales

A neutral third party generally conducts auctions like a sheriff or trustee. While purchasing a property at the auction can serve some high profits, it does have its disadvantages.

These purchases can provide a lesson in frustration, witnessing that auctions are regularly canceled or delayed at the last minute. It is crucial to note that during this phase, the lender can’t take advantage of the property owner in any way. Nor can the lender make a profit at an auction. When the highest bidder purchases the property, the liens are paid, and any overage is given to the house owner. Although the loans are paid, the house owner can’t receive any money.

Auction Sales

Auction Sales

1.3. REO Sales

Real estate-owned or REO by the lender is the most common method of purchasing a foreclosure since it is commonly the safest and easiest way. Yet, when you buy a lender-owned property, it can serve the least value and most competition. Understand that the lender obtained the distressed property at the auction since no one bid higher than the default amount. The lender possesses the property and can sell it for any price and profit. 

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1.4. Government-Owned

Purchasing foreclosed houses maintained, possessed, and sold by the government can amount to more documents and a potentially slower process.

2. Where To Buy Foreclosed Properties In Illinois?

You drive through neighborhoods and see foreclosure signs posted. These are signs from hopeful investors who grab a chance to obtain a pre-foreclosed property at a good price from an anxious house owner.

However, that is not the only way to find foreclosures. Making a network of contacts from conventional lending institutions, real estate agents, mortgage banks, and residents living in regions where you expect to invest leads to an excellent purchase.

Don’t rule out what can sometimes be the best place to look for foreclosure houses: the Internet and newspaper. Most purchasers start their search online; house owners, real estate agents, and banks usually post foreclosed homes for sale online and in print.

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viewhudforeclosures.com website has the largest database of nationwide foreclosures available and serves online tools to support you with the purchase process.

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Conventional lenders have lists of REO properties that a bank is selling. Call lenders and get on their mailing list. Real estate agents usually work with banks to control the REO properties. Making friends with an experienced agent specializing in REOs can assist you learn about a foreclosure.

How to buy foreclosed homes in Illinois? You can purchase foreclosure houses in Illinois through four methods: auction, REO, pre-foreclosure, and government-owned. Moreover, you can apply for some financial help and benefits to buy a foreclosed house if you don’t have enough money at present. Hanfincal hopes this article has been useful in letting you know about buying foreclosed homes in Illinois.

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