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Buying foreclosed homes in Colorado can be difficult at first; however, this process can be easily done with the right knowledge and information. In this article, Hanfincal will guide you through how to buy foreclosed homes in Colorado.

1. How Do Foreclosure Sales Work In Colorado?

The foreclosed sale is a kind of public auction and is available to all bidders. When a lender makes a bid on the property, it is more typical for them to use a credit rather than a cash bid. With a credit bid, the lenders get a credit for the borrower’s debt, depending on the credit bid amount. The highest bidder purchases the property and becomes the new owner of it.

2. How Long Does A Foreclosure Take In Colorado?

A standard foreclosure sale in Colorado takes about 110 to 125 days. It starts from an announcement of demands, election is submitted with the county; until the foreclosed auction is held in the courthouse.

How Long Does A Foreclosure Take In Colorado?

How Long Does A Foreclosure Take In Colorado?

3. How To Buy Foreclosed Homes In Colorado?

How to buy a foreclosed home in Colorado? How to buy foreclosures in Colorado? You can follow the three steps below to purchase foreclosure houses in Colorado.

Step 1. Find Foreclosed Homes In Colorado

Are you looking for a foreclosure in Colorado? Here are some websites you can search to choose the preferred one.

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Step 2. Get Pre-Approved for a Loan

Before making any offers on a foreclosure, you will need to be pre-approved for a loan. Mortgage enterprises and banks have lost money on foreclosed houses; therefore, they want to ensure potential purchasers. Lenders will check for debt and your credit history and verify your income. Once you know the amount of money you are approved for, you’ll know the price range and what kind of properties you can look at.

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Step 3. Buying a Foreclosed Home in Colorado

Buying from the Bank

Conventionally, you can purchase a foreclosure house directly from the lender or bank. The bank’s foreclosure houses are often known as REO or “real-estate-owned.” By this point, the lender will clear liens on the property, evict the former house owners, and the bank will rent a real estate agent to place the foreclosure property on the market. The more inventory, the longer a foreclosure house is held by a bank, implying the likelihood that the bank will consider the lower offers. While purchasing from a bank, you are prepared for many documents you need to sign.

Buying at an Auction

Another conventional method of how to buy foreclosed houses in Colorado is via a real estate auction. The advantage of purchasing via an auction is that you can buy a foreclosure house at a good deal faster than buying via a bank. Unlike other states, Colorado’s process is relatively swift. Yet, the downside of purchasing via an auction is that you may not have time to see a property directly. This purchase is risky, considering foreclosure houses can have many functional and cosmetic issues. Do your research on foreclosure houses; therefore, you will know what you may be getting.

With many auctions, you don’t have time to order an appraisal. This purchase implies that you can pay more than the property value, though you buy it at the auction.

Buying through a Short Sale

A short sale is known as pre-foreclosure, when a lender allows house owners to sell their house for less than what is possessed on their mortgage. The bank accepts this so that the house might be so fast and prevent the mortgage from defaulting. Purchasing a short sale can be difficult because the house owner accepts your offer, which doesn’t mean their lender or bank will. Therefore, you need to increase the offer and anticipate a longer wait time for approval.

How to buy foreclosed homes in Colorado? Just follow the three simple steps above, and you can purchase a foreclosure at a lower price. The foreclosure sale is a kind of public auction and is available to all binders, and it takes approximately between 110 and 125 days. With this information above, Hanfincal hopes you enjoyed our article about buying foreclosure houses in Colorado.

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