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Winco is well-known as one of the biggest supermarket chains in the US, serving a diversity of delicious and fresh food. If you get SNAP benefits and are concerned about does Winco take EBT, let’s read with Hanfincal to answer the question.

1. Does Winco Take EBT/ Food Stamps?

“Does Winco accept EBT? Does Winco take food stamps?” Yes, you can pay for products at Winco with SNAP benefits. With a presence in so many different states, most people are probably curious if they can use EBT cards in another state or not. However, this depends on the state’s rule.

You can’t use this payment method in the newer establishments; however, it won’t be long until even these locations receive this payment form.

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2. How To Use EBT Cards Or SNAP At Winco?

After answering the question “Does Winco take EBT cards?” you need to know how to use your SNAP benefits at Winco. You can follow some instructions below to pay for eligible food:

  • Step 1. Scan your products: You load items onto the checkout and wait until the staff member has scanned each item. The employee may also ask if you want any cashback.
  • Step 2. Insert EBT cards: If you do not require cash back, you will enter your SNAP benefits into the reader. Once the total amount appears, you must enter a four-digit PIN.
  • Step 3. Enter PIN: After entering your PIN, you need to wait for the screen to qualify your payment. You need to call your local EBT customer service hotline if you can’t remember your PIN.
Does Winco Take EBT

How To Use EBT Cards Or SNAP At Winco?

3. What You Can And Can Not Buy With EBT Cards/ SNAP At WinCo?

So what can you buy with EBT? SNAP is a Food Program for low-income families that buys healthy grocery items each month. This program regulates which things you can or can’t buy with food stamps. At WinCo supermarket or grocery stores that accept EBT or even some gas stations that accept EBT, you can purchase:

  • Chicken, fish and meat.
  • Bread.
  • Snacks.
  • Fruits and vegetables.
  • Dairy products such as cheeses, yogurts, milk, etc.
  • Crackers, cereals and some cookies.
  • Non-alcoholic beverages and juices.
  • Nuts, plants, and seeds can produce food at home.

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Besides qualified food, there are some restrictions on the food you can’t buy with EBT cards, including:

  • Tobacco.
  • Hygiene products.
  • Pet food.
  • Alcoholic beverages.
  • Prepared/hot meals.
  • Live animals, except for shellfish or slaughtered animals.
  • Supplements, vitamins and medicines.
  • Household products like paper products, cleaning supplies, etc.

4. Is It Possible To Split Payments When Using EBT?

Yes. You can pay for products with your food stamps and another payment method. This is a common circumstance when using SNAP benefits because sometimes, you buy products that aren’t covered by the EBT program.

The staff member will split the payment between your food stamps and other payment options, such as cash and a debit card.

Does Winco Take EBT? Yes, you can use SNAP benefits to purchase products at Winco; however, newly opened Winco stores may have a problem accepting this payment method, hopefully changing in the future. If you want more information about this, feel free to contact the Winco team via the website or in-store. Hanfincal hopes this post has been helpful in letting you know about buying products at Winco using food stamps.

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