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There was a time when using a credit card in Chevron was not accepted. Are those days gone? Does Chevron take EBT/Food Stamps in 2022? After searching the web Hanfincal was surprised to find that there was not a single article that had the information that we were looking for, so we will be making one. Keep reading with us now.

1. Does Chevron take EBT?

Does Chevron accept EBT? Yes, Chevron takes EBT cards/food stamps at all its locations across America, but only for specific food and beverage items. Your EBT card cannot be used to purchase gasoline or other auto-related items. In fact, there are no gas stations that accept your EBT card for payment in the United States.

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2. How to use an EBT card or SNAP at Chevron?

You must learn how to use an EBT card to make a payment at Chevron before shopping there. Examine the following procedure:

  • Step 1: Before going to the register, list which items in your order are eligible for EBT and which are not.
  • Step 2: Pay for your EBT items first, just like you would any other credit or debit card.
  • Step 3: To complete the transaction, swipe your EBT card and enter your four-digit PIN.
does chevron take ebt

How to use an EBT card or SNAP at Chevron?

3. Does Chevron gas pumps accept EBT cards?

In fact, you cannot use your SNAP (food program for low-income families) to purchase gasoline, regardless of whether you pay inside the convenience store or through Chevron’s mobile app. This means you’ll have to pay with a different method when you fill up your gas tank.

Moreover, knowing an answer to the question “Can You Use EBT In Another State?” will help you use your EBT at Chevron in another place more efficiently.

4. What items can you and cannot buy with EBT cards/ Food Stamps?

  • Here is a list of items of what you can buy with Food stamps at Chevron:
    • Cold drinks: slushies or iced coffee
    • Fruits, vegetables, and produce
    • Meat, poultry, and seeds.
    • Candy, ice cream, and other non-prepared, pre-packaged desserts.
    • Cold beverages: soda and certain energy drinks.
    • Pre-packaged snacks( not prepared at the store).
    • Bread, cereal, and other grain items.
  • Here are a few examples of ineligible items that you cannot purchase with your SNAP benefits at Chevron:
    • Pet food.
    • Alcoholic beverages.
    • Hot meals/drinks, including coffee.
    • Gasoline and other items for your car.
    • Supplements.

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5. Other payments accepted at Chevron

If you are unable to use your EBT card, the following alternative payment methods are currently accepted by Chevron:

  • Cash.
  • Visa.
  • Mastercard.
  • Discover.
  • Venmo (Chevron app).
  • PayPal (Chevron app).
  • American Express.
  • Google Pay.
  • Major debit cards.
  • Major credit cards.
  • Apple Pay.
  • Chevron / Texaco gift card.
  • Samsung Pay.

Please note: Techron Advantage card is a Chevron credit card that gives you 3-8 cents back per gallon, depending on the type of fuel you buy at the pump.

Does Chevron take EBT? Hanfincal is happy to inform you that you can use an EBT card or SNAP at Chevron. This is good news for those who are living near the Chevron location. If you have any other questions or concerns about using your EBT card or SNAP at Chevron, please leave your message in the comment box below.

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