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As far as you know, Carl’s Jr. is a quick-service burger chain operating mostly in California and other Western states in the US. So many customers might be wondering “Does Carl’s Jr Take EBT/ Food Stamps?”. To answer the question, let’s read this article with Hanfincal.

1. Does Carl’s Jr Take EBT/ Food Stamps?

“Does Carl’s Jr accept EBT?”, “Does Carl’s Jr that accepts EBT card?” Yes, you can use your EBT card to purchase food at Carl’s Jr restaurants in California and Arizona. Carl’s Jr is on the list of grocery stores that accept EBT. Though six states have the Restaurant Meal Program in the United States, only California and Arizona are permitted to receive EBT cards for Carl’s Jr.

Moreover, you should research very well in advance to choose a particular location of Carl’s Jr restaurant. The fact that a specific state is authorized for RMPs does not guarantee you will be able to use your EBT card in all the regions. Only those Carl’s Jr. restaurants participating in RMP will accept the card.

Besides, some fast-food restaurants only accept EBT cards for in-store purchases, not for home delivery or pickup. So if you’re looking for a restaurant where you can order food from home or work and pick it up at a location or have it delivered door-to-door, you need to use another payment.


2. How to use EBT Card as payment at Carl’s Jr?

Purchasing food by EBT card isn’t different from the normal way of paying at the point of sale machine. You can use your EBT card either by running or swiping through the POS machine. Once this way swipes your card, the suitable amount for your purchase will be taken away from your EBT card. This way is as simple as using an EBT card in any fast food restaurant or grocery consisting of Carl’s Jr.

Does Carl's Jr Take EBT

How to use EBT Card as payment at Carl’s Jr?

3. What can you buy at Carl’s Jr with an EBT Card?

Although the main purpose of the Restaurant Meals Program is to support low-income families to have delicious meals without spending to the roof. It allows eligible citizens to purchase fresh food and take them home for cooking. While this option is suitable for many customers with means and resources, it might not necessarily be better for people who do not own the means. As a result, the RMP gives a waiver to a few states and allows these classes of people to purchase meals at the restaurant by EBT card.

Although this extension is granted to a few states to join the RMPs, there are some restrictions on food items you can purchase with your EBT card at authorized restaurants.

If you qualify for the RMPs and your state offers this program, you can purchase specific food items with your EBT card at designated Carl’s Jr, one of the restaurants that take EBT. Typically, the EBT card covers essential items consisting of chips, soft drink beverages, salads, snacks, cold snack foods that don’t need to be cooked before eating, candies, bread, Papa Murphy’s, etc.

If you want to buy food items outside these types, you need to use another payment method, such as credit or debit cards.

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Does Carl’s Jr Take EBT/ Food Stamps? It’s possible to use an EBT card at Carl’s Jr.’s restaurants only in Arizona and California. With the above knowledge, Hanfincal hopes you will have more good food choices at a low price to support your family and reduce the financial burden.

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