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Burger King is well-known as one of the largest fast-food hamburger chains in the USA. This serves a wide range of tasty food, such as French fries, hamburgers, desserts, etc., with premium ingredients and signature recipes. If you get food stamps and are wondering about does Burger King accept EBT or not, let’s explore with Hanfincal in the article below.

1. Does Burger King Accept EBT?

“Does Burger King take EBT?”, “Does Burger King take food stamps?” The answer is yes. You can use food stamps to buy food at Burger King. However, this may depend on the state and the restaurant.

If you’re authorized for the RMP (Restaurant Meals Program) in a state that takes part in the program, you can buy food from Burger King. The Restaurant Meals Program allows certain SNAP beneficiaries to purchase prepared meals at the restaurant with their SNAP benefits. Eligible individuals are people who aren’t able to prepare meals for themselves or who don’t have permanent housing to make preparations or store food.

In fact, the RMP runs in California, Maryland, Arizona, Virginia, Michigan, and Rhode Island. Among six states, Burger King is a restaurant that takes EBT cards only in California and Arizona.

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2. Does Burger King Take EBT Online?

No. You can’t order Burger King online through Uber Eats or DoorDash with SNAP benefits. EBT card payments are allowed to use in-store or drive-thru at this fast-food restaurant.

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Does Burger King Take EBT Online?

Does Burger King Take EBT Online?

3. Why Doesn’t Burger King Accept EBT Cards Everywhere?

After answering the question “Can you use EBT at Burger King?”, you should know why Burger King doesn’t take SNAP benefits everywhere. For Burger King to accept EBT cards, the state or county the franchise resides in has to join the RMP (Restaurant Meals Program). Even in states with the RPM assistance, only several counties service EBT recipients, with some restrictions.

In addition, you can pay for food items with SNAP benefits in-store or via drive-thru at Burger King. However, it’s impossible to use DoorDash or Uber Eats to enjoy a delicious Whopper delivered to your door with food stamps in Burger King.

4. How to qualify to use Food Stamps at Burger King?

In Arizona, to pay for meals at Burger King via the RMP, you must be over 60, homeless or disabled. In California, only residents eligible for California’s version of SNAP, CalFresh, can use SNAP benefits at a Burger King fast-food restaurant – a participant under EBT.

Does Burger King accept EBT? You can make a payment for food items at Burger King in California and Arizona. Before visiting this fast food restaurant, you need to call your local Burger King to ask if they receive SNAP benefits or not. With the above knowledge, Hanfincal hopes you can save as much money as possible to pay other expenses such as the cost of living, travel costs, etc.

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