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AMPM is well-recognized as one of the convenience store chains in America, which serves a wide range of products such as fresh sandwiches, coffee, bakery foods, sodas, etc. If you are an EBT cardholder and live near an AMPM convenience store, you may be wondering, “Does AMPM take EBT/ SNAP benefits?” To unveil the truth, let’s read this article with Hanfincal.

1. Does AMPM Take EBT/Food Stamps?

What grocery store accept EBT? Does AMPM accept EBT cards? The answer is yes. Like Arco, Circle K, and Sheetz, AMPM takes food stamps to buy some particular products.

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2. Food Items Eligibility To Buy With EBT Cards At AMPM

After applying for food stamps, do you really know what food can you buy with an EBT card? Here is a list of eligible products you can purchase with EBT cards at AMPM stores, consisting of:

  • Bread.
  • Dairy items such as cheeses, milk, and yogurt.
  • Snacks.
  • Veggies and fruits.
  • Crackers, cereals and some cookies.
  • Plants and seeds can produce food at home.
  • Non-alcoholic drinks and juices.

Moreover, you can use your EBT card at any Gas stations that accept Food Stamps or even restaurants that take EBT near your area.

Depending on your qualification and region, several stores may take part in the RMP (Restaurant Meal Program). Consequently, you are able to buy hot prepared food.

Here are some states joining the Restaurant Meal Program:

  • Maryland.
  • Michigan.
  • Virginia.
  • Arizona.
  • Specific California counties.
  • Rhode Island.
  • Illinois counties such as Franklin, Dewitt and Cook County – Zip code regions consist of 60617, 60628, 60620, and 60619.

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3. Food Items You Can Not Buy With EBT Cards At AMPM

Besides qualified items, there are some limitations on products you can’t purchase with EBT at AMPM or any grocery stores, convenience stores and gas stations:

  • Cigarettes.
  • Alcoholic drinks.
  • CBD.
  • Pet food.
  • Toiletries.
  • Vitamins and medicines.
  • Lottery tickets.
  • Gas.
  • Hot food.

Does AMPM take EBT/Food stamps? You can pay for qualified items with SNAP benefits at AMPM, such as vegetables, fruits, bread, cookies, juices, non-alcoholic beverages, etc. If you desire to buy ineligible items in this store, you have to use another payment method. With this knowledge above, Hanfincal hopes you can save money to invest in important plans in the future.

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