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Vitamins are a crucial component of a healthy diet and an excellent way to improve your well-being. However, this product is a little bit expensive for people on a tight budget. Can You Buy Vitamins With EBT? In the article below, let’s find the answer with Hanfincal.

1. Can You Buy Vitamins With EBT?

“Can you buy vitamins with food stamps? Can I buy vitamins with EBT?” The answer is no. You can’t pay for vitamins with SNAP benefits. Although vitamins help you lead a healthy life, they’re not an essential food. Vitamins are categorized as dietary supplements; therefore, these products are not on the list of what you can get with food stamps.

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2. Why Can’t You Buy Vitamins With Food Stamps/EBT Cards?

As you know, the EBT program is a food program for low-income families to have a healthy lifestyle and a well-balanced diet. You may think that vitamins are qualified items; however, they’re not clarified as a meal replacement but supplements. You can use your food stamps to purchase nutritious drinks and food items.

A sure way to recognize which products are qualified is by scanning information in the packaging.

2.1. Supplement Facts

You look at words such as “Whole foods” and “Natural” on the label. These products are supplementary to a balanced diet and not included in the SNAP program. Moreover, supplements don’t have detailed information on their nutritional and calorific value. The label might show the ingredients which are extracted from specific plants.

2.2. Nutrition Facts

Labels with nutrition facts, consisting of Recommended Daily Intake (RDI) of sugars, fiber, proteins and salts appear on products authorized for payment with SNAP benefits. These items also bring a calorific value and show energy in carbohydrates.

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Can You Buy Vitamins With EBT? Many online platforms and stores provide dietary supplements; however, you can’t purchase vitamins with SNAP benefits. If you’re on a low budget and need to increase your vitamin intake, you will consider looking for deals in physical stores. Hanfincal hopes you found valuable information in the above post.

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