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It’s time to begin a new semester with outstanding scholarships for college students waiting for you. In fact, they are excited to embark on a new journey to master knowledge; however, some are not because they have a severe financial burden. As you know, college or university tuition in the U.S is not cheap at all, especially for many hot majors. Don’t worry; you have a lot of friends in the same situation here, and HanFincal can help you find a suitable scholarship with a great sponsor rate. Come with us right now.

1. 5 Must-Apply Scholarships for College Students in early 2022

Are you ready for scholarships?

Are you ready for scholarships?

1.1. Boren Scholarship

Scholarship Description:

Undergraduate students from the United States can study abroad in world regions critical to the United States. Therefore, Boren Awards are made possible by the National Security Education Program (NSEP), which focuses on languages, geographic areas, and fields of study deemed critical to US national security.

Basic Requirements:

  • Citizens of the U.S who are at least 18 years old
  • A high school diploma or a GED.
  • Planning a study abroad program in a country other than Western Europe, Australia, Canada, or New Zealand.
  • They intend to study in a country where they are not citizens.

Sponsor Amount: The maximum awards of this scholarship:

  • Up to $25,000 for 25-52 weeks (preferred)
  • Up to $12,500 for 12-24 weeks
  • Up to $8,000 for 8-11 weeks (apply for STEM, including Science, Technology, Engineering, Math majors only)

Deadline: February 3, 2022

Application form: Click here

Contact Info: 



800-618-6737 – BOREN@IIE.ORG

Boren Scholarship

Boren Scholarship

1.2. Augustana College Distinguished Scholar Competition

Scholarship Description:

Augustana College opens the chance to attract graduating high school seniors who have demonstrated exceptional leadership to their school and community to compete in the Distinguished Scholars Competition. So this is the most prestigious scholarship event.

Basic Requirements:

  • Gender: Not required
  • Geographic Criteria: USA
  • Criteria / Requirements: Applicants must have an ACT of 27 or SAT of 1260 and a 3.5 GPA.

Sponsor Amount: $60.000 cash. Moreover, take a chance to win micro-scholarships as below:

  • $1,500: For who getting an A in a core class
  • $600: For each sport or extracurricular
  • $3,000: For working or supporting your family

Deadline: February 1, 2022

Application form: Learn more here

Contact Info:

Sioux Falls, SD, 57197

Phone 605.274.0770/ 800.727.2844

Augustana College Distinguished Scholar Competition

Augustana College Distinguished Scholar Competition

1.3. Davidson Fellows Scholarship 

Scholarship Description:

Similarly, there is also a prestigious scholarship for students who have excelled academically. Davidson Fellows Scholarships are given to gifted and high-achieving students under 18 years old who have completed a critical piece of work.

In addition, Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics, Philosophy, Literature, Music, and Outside the Box are the application categories.

Basic Requirements:

  • Be 18 years old or younger.
  • Be America’s citizens or Permanent Residents of the US or stationed overseas due to active US military duty.
  • Have finished a substantial piece of work in one of the submission categories.
  • Have works that are their own creations.
  • You must be able to attend the awards reception with at least one parent or guardian. The Davidson Institute will cover all travel and lodging expenses.

Sponsor Amount: $50,000

Deadline: February 9, 2022

Apply form: Learn more here

Contact Info: 

  • Davidson Institute
  • Reno, Nevada
  • Phone: (775) 852-3483 ext. 435
  • Media Inquiries communications@davidsongifted.org or call (775) 852-3483 ext. 410
  • Email: administrator@davidsongifted.org
Davidson Fellows Scholarship

Davidson Fellows Scholarship

1.4. BIG ARTS Classical Music Scholarship

Scholarship Description:

BIG ARTS offers its Classical Music Scholarship to students with professional goals to study classical music instruments such as the piano, strings, wind, and percussion in orchestral instruments.

Furthermore, this award aims to provide financial aid to highly skilled and talented students who intend to continue their classical music studies and training.

Basic Requirements:

  • Currently enrolled in an accredited undergraduate classical music program at a Florida university or college.
  • At the time of applying, graduate students are not eligible.

Sponsor Amount:

  • The first prize: $25,000
  • The second prize: $15,000
  • The third prize: $10,000

Deadline: March 25, 2022

Apply form: Click here to download the application form.

Contact info:

  • Classical Music Scholarship
  • 900 Dunlop Rd.
  • Sanibel, FL 33957
BIG ARTS Classical Music Scholarship

BIG ARTS Classical Music Scholarship

1.5. Young Women in STEM Scholarship

Scholarship Description:

Finally, the Young Women in STEM Scholarship is an ideal choice for you if you are female. It aims to encourage the next generation of women in STEM fields, particularly those from low-income families. Female high school seniors and undergraduate students from low-income families pursuing a STEM degree are eligible to apply.

Basic Requirements:

  • Financial Background: Low-income
  • Gender: Female
  • Education Level: High school senior or undergraduate
  • Major: STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics)

Sponsor Amount: Total $30,000 for 3 winners ($10,000 for each)

Deadline: March 1, 2022

Apply form: Learn more here 

Young Women in STEM Scholarship

Young Women in STEM Scholarship

2. The fastest way to find a scholarship for college students

Finding a suitable scholarship is critical to your academic success. So, don’t waste your time applying for a scholarship if you don’t know enough about it. Did none of the scholarships listed above suit your financial ability, interests, or skills? Or perhaps you’d like to learn more about the various options available to you. Here is your solution! The quickest way we recommend is to find a center that can help you match exactly your interests, skills and financial ability with the scholarships. The USAScholarshipGuide is not only a website that can help you find a prestigious scholarship, but it also allows you to win a $1,000 scholarship. What a fantastic option! Don’t miss out on this great chance.

What can the USA Scholarship Guide help you?

They are committed to locating the resources you require for the best, most affordable education!

In other words, their mission is to provide you with the information you need and to guide you toward a successful future. Scholarships, internships, and student deals are all waiting for you to discover them.

In addition, their responsibility is to assist students in graduating with little to no debt.

How To Win a $1000 Scholarship

The Fastest Way To Find A Scholarship

The Fastest Way To Find A Scholarship

3. Tips to win a scholarship for college students

Have you found a suitable scholarship yet? If still not yet, read on for a slew of winning strategies. Here are some helpful hints just for you.

  • Make an impressive resume of your accomplishments. This section includes a summary of the student’s awards, interests, activities, and achievements.
  • Don’t forget about deadlines. Begin looking for scholarships as soon as possible. If you apply soon, you may have a priority for approval.
  • Fill out the scholarship matching profile.
  • Apply for as many scholarships as you can. Winning a scholarship is a combination of luck and skill. Increase your chances of winning by applying for as many scholarships as you are eligible for.

3. Frequently asked questions about scholarships for college Students

Where can I find scholarships for college in 2021?

At the USA Scholarship Guide, you can find college scholarships after colleges, such as Master’s and Ph.D. programs, and so on. Many scholarships have simple requirements that anyone can apply for are available and waiting for you.

How do you ask for scholarship money?

Email is the most polite way to express your requirements and your wishes. To request additional scholarship funds, send an email to the school’s admissions office. Personalize your message so that the admissions office does not think it is receiving a form letter, giving the impression that the school is your top choice.

Do you have to pay back scholarships?

Grants are typically given out by the federal government, states, or colleges based on financial need. Scholarships generally are given based on merit, athletic ability, or other student accomplishments and characteristics. As a result, students are not required to repay grants or scholarships that are considered gift aid.

The average student in America graduates with more than $37,000 in personal debt. Regardless of your profession, repaying your loan debt and accruing interest can take a decade or more. What are your thoughts on getting that debt as low as possible, if not down to zero?

That is a lofty goal for students who work hard to achieve by applying for scholarships. We can’t deny that this is a brilliant strategy. Do you feel the same way? Reread this article of HanFincal and consider applying for one or more scholarships for college students for which you are eligible. That is the best way to help you save a significant amount of money.

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