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Government assistance programs like EBT are designed to support people purchase essential foods if they struggle financially. More grocery stores in many states are receiving these benefits, and this acceptance extends into online grocery delivery. Many customers wonder, “Does Shipt Accept EBT/SNAP benefits?” Keep reading this post to see what Hanfincal found out!

1. Does Shipt Accept EBT In 2022?

“Does Shipt take EBT? Does Shipt take food stamps?” The answer is no. You can’t pay for products with SNAP benefits via Shipt. Moreover, this delivery service doesn’t receive the Target REDcard or grocery store gift cards. Thus, you can’t apply for the Target REDcard with a 5% discount when buying products through Shipt.

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2. Why Doesn’t Shipt Take EBT?

As mentioned above, Shipt doesn’t accept food stamps. The main reason this delivery service doesn’t take SNAP benefits is that USDA rules still restrict from being qualified to receive SNAP benefits. In addition, the EBT card also lacks the CVV number used on credit and debit cards to validate online payment methods.

does shipt accept ebt

Why Doesn’t Shipt Take EBT?

3. What Type Of Payment Does Shipt Accept?

After answering the question “Does Shipt use EBT?” you need to know what kind of payment Shipt receives. Though Shipt doesn’t take food stamps at this time, the grocery delivery service receives some other payment methods. Here are payment forms you can use to order from Shipt:

  • Reloadable gift cards.
  • All US credit cards.
  • All US debit cards.

Moreover, as long as you use cards with a three-digit CVC code, your cards will work and be accepted through Shipt. Generally, this CVC code is on the back of your debit or credit card.

4. What Other Grocery Delivery Stores Accept EBT?

Today, many retailers serve items or grocery deliveries to make customers’ shopping more convenient. Here are some grocery delivery services that do take SNAP benefits as a valid payment method.

  • Walmart (in authorized states)
  • Amazon.
  • Instacart consists of delivery services for stores such as Piggly Wiggly, Aldi, FoodMaxx, Publix, etc.

If you are not sure whether your local stores take food stamps or not, you need to call and ask the staff member at these stores beforehand.

You can also use your EBT card to buy various types of products online at Amazon. Here are some TASTY & CHEAP SNAP-eligible groceries with FREE delivery that we highly recommend for you.

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Does Shipt Accept EBT In 2022? Shipt doesn’t take food stamps to purchase items on the grocery delivery platform. However, you can use another payment method such as a US credit or debit card to pay for products. Hanfincal hopes you found the answer you are looking for in this post.